Tuesday, May 02, 2006

this is my kitty-cat. she's a big tubby kitty! isn't she cute? i'm putting this on here mostly just to test my picture uploading abilities. i'm terrible at it. yeesh! i can't even design my own layout! i've tried taking online HTML tutorials, but i'm so thick, i don't understand any of it. i think i need someone to explain it to me, one on one. maybe one of my friends knows it and can teach me. i want to learn vexeling, cuz i've seen it on other blogs, and it's pretty sweet. if you don't know what that is, here's one site i saw it on: www.quiet-storm.org. the pic of the lead singer from hawk nelson on the home page is in vexeling. (isn't he cute?) hawk nelson used to be a great band, but there new album...YUCK! take my advice and don't listen to it. i listened to it on rhapsody, and i'm thinkin, "guys, where did all your talent go?" anyway, that quiet storm site used to have a huge bunch of sites that you could link to from there, but the site just recently got hacked, so it's all deleted. HACKERS ARE FREAKY!!!!! yucky. okay, i'm gonna go look up S&S (sense & sensibility) on google. just cuz i love it so much. bye!


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