Saturday, May 06, 2006

today i went with my fam to a fishing hole. it was gorgeous scenery, reallly amazing, but it was s-s-soooo cold!!!!! it was weird cause the weather has been really sweet lately, but the one time we decide to go somewhere, it's freezing! but my little sis and my dad caught some fish, and i read a book, so it wasn't so bad. i'm reading i, robot. it is soooo different then the movie! what i usually think about books being made into movies is this: don't compare the two. enjoy each in its own right. if you compare the book to the movie, you will invariably be disappointed with one. so think of each as its own story, and you'll enjoy each much more.
i put some links on my links list. check them out, if you haven't already. okay, i'm done talking for right now. does anybody have suggestions for what to talk about on my theological blog?


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