Saturday, May 06, 2006

okay, i know i just posted on here, like, half and hour ago, but I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS SOMETHING!!!!!! i just saw the newest and definitely best dead man't chest trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too many exclamation points? i think not. it was absolutely amazing!!!!!!! go to the official site to watch it!!! i can't remember the site address...shoot. just look up dead man's chest on google, i guess. from the looks of the trailer, we're not going to be disappointed. i already caught several hilarious jackisms! and this really made me feel better about keira: she wears a pirate costume. that was the most irritating thing in the last movie, the way her dresses soooo revealing. i know that was part of the culture back then, but still. anyway, i'm still talking, when i should be letting you go see the trailer!! so get going!


At 6:12 PM PDT , Blogger pianopunk said...

Hey Em, I tried to see that trailer, but it requires a flash thingy to work. I tried to download one, but my stupid internet is too slow!!!:(


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