Monday, May 15, 2006

i'm counting down till school's out!!!! today i finished my math textbook! last saturday our church had a free car wash. we washed people's cars while sharing the gospel with them! sometimes people try to give donations, but we don't accept them, cause that's missing the point of the ministry. it's a lot of fun, but one of my friends kept PELTING me with the hose!!!! grrrr...i'm gonna get you, robbie. did i tell you already that i'm writing a story? it's coming along okay, but i'm really self-conscious about letting people see it once it's finished. for some reason it's really hard for me to take critisism. i know i need to get over that. we had a good mother's day. my sis and i gave my mom a bible study guide that she asked for. i watched POTC with for the 17th time!!!! and that's not counting the time i watched it with the commentary! and my mom let me pick out a movie to watch with dinner, as long as she liked it. we watched You've Got Mail. such a fun movie! today i wrote a letter to the walt disney company. i was supposed to write a business letter to a congressman, but my mom let me write to someone more fun. so i wrote to disney. my S&S sleepover is this friday!!!!! i have a wallpaper on the computer of edward. yesterday it was marianne. word of advice: at sleepovers, only eat blast-o-butter popcorn from jolly time. seriously, everything else pales in comparison. here's a short list of good popcorn toppings you can put on it:
pumpkin spice
italian seasoning
garlic salt
taco seasoning
not all at once. duh. well, i'm done for now. ciao!


At 3:57 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

hey, it's me. i forgot to tell you guys a great joke i made up! okay, here it is:

what's anamaria's favorite game?

okay, i thought it was funny. and if you're a potc fan, you should think so too. right?


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