Sunday, June 25, 2006

today i went to see the movie Cars. oh, boy! i get to do a movie review! okay, here goes:

another masterpiece by pixar. this being their seventh feature, i have to admit that i was skeptical about their success. i mean, every good movie company has at least one cringer, right? take disney for example; they've always been counted on for a good laugh, non-cheesy songs, and an enthralling family-friendly story, right? but if you take a look at their more recent efforts, they seem somewhat...lacking. (i'm thinking about Home On the Range. ouch!) and dreamworks has really had only a couple classics. but pixar manages to make memorable films again and again since Toy Story. Cars is no exception. when i heard the basic gist of the story from reviews, i thought it seemed a little cliche. it's not. the basic skeleton of the story is not a new one, but pixar brings such dramatic life to it, that when you watch it, you don't see that basic frame. you see truly lovable characters, a touching story, and tons of clever one-liners. it's a definite must see for anyone over five years old. in our group there was a 9-year-old at the youngest, and a 54-year-old at the oldest. we all loved it. i'm trying to think if there was anything wrong with it...hmm...well, that would move into the realm of opinion and personal taste, so i won't open that can of worms. oh, one more thing! the animated short before the movie was classic. so classic. so, in summary, kudos to pixar!


At 1:15 AM PDT , Blogger watchman said...

hey thanks for visiting my site :) haha i havent watched the movie cars yet though, so no comments from me, though i did hear that it was a fun show to watch from my friends. God bless you and take care yup :)


At 12:11 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

hi! thanks for visiting. you should go see Cars. it's totally clean, which is a rare thing in today's corrupt society. :-P


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