Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i realized that lately i've been giving kinda half-hearted posts. i mean, i haven't really said anything at all in them! but i can't think of anything to write. my life has been very normal lately, nothing special. i've been daydreaming about a dress i saw on amazon, i've been trying new recipes, and i've been feeling guilty about not emailing robbie. he keeps asking me, "did you send the poem yet?" i'm supposed to write a poem about the campout. but i feel like anything i write will totally dwarf the absolute amazing slice of heaven that this year's campout was. but i'll feel really bad if i back out now. i'm also trying to write a book. a fiction book. but it's really hard! i wanted to write this book, then post each chapter on here, one at a time. but it's been probably six months now, and i haven't even finished the first draft of the story! i keep changing my mind on what i want to happen to the characters. a happy ending? a tragedy? an opening for a sequel? i don't know! and i'm starting to wonder about the names of my characters. i mean, i like the names of some of them, but some are just a little too...much. ya know? like Dragoslav. when i first read that name on a baby name site, i was like, "woah! that is just too cool!" but now i'm thinking that it's just too theatric to be believable. what do you think? and what about the name Donovan? is that too much? please answer!


At 10:14 PM PDT , Blogger the gardener said...

Umm, Dragoslav is too much for some stories, but it Deppends on what your characters are like, and what kind of story it is. Futuristic Science Fiction, go for it! But Donovan is pretty safe for any character.


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