Friday, July 14, 2006

i'm going to DMC on monday!!!!!! megsie said it's "so good!" sounds like one of those teen girl squad comics. i have a whole awesome costume too! it's cool cuz nothing on it is actually costume stuff, but i made do with what i have. i have these suede boots with straps all over, and buckles. those are my pirate boots. today i bought some baggy brown pants that tuck into them. very piratey! i took just a regular white tee shirt and put a weave of four brown belts over my shoulder and around my waist. i borrowed my mom's red headband, and i'll do my hair in little braids! i tried it all on, and everyone said it was cute. today two of my little sister's friends came over and they had me choose outfits for them in a fashion show. the first one was fun because i got my sister to look hip and trendy, which she hates. and the next one was fun because i gave each of them hilariously ridiculous clothes and hair!!! i wish we got pictures, but my dad took the camera with him fishing. oh well. well, i'm gonna check the email now, so bye!


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