Thursday, July 06, 2006

STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! i just went to the dead man's chest website, and guess what they had sound clips of? potc score...REMIXES!!!!! can you believe the awesomeness?!? i'm definitely gonna buy it after i see the new movie. which, by the way, i just read several reviews for. is a good place to go for finding out if a movie is clean, but it really bugs me when they try to give a critique of the plot itself. leave that for someone else, people! theirs was the only bad review i read, as far as storyline. as far as content, it sounds like it'll be almost completely clean. kinda like the old one. but one thing that i gathered from all the reviews is that it's pretty dark. that it would probably scare little kids. i'm okay with that! the creepier, the better, i say! i don't think that it'll be too objectionable of content. but what's the deal with jack and elizabeth? am i to understand that they kiss?!? for one thing, she's engaged to will, and for another, she always thought he was a scumbag. i wish i could go to the midnight showing! but my mom would never allow it. dangit.


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