Friday, July 07, 2006

i know i just posted here today, but i have more things to say. i made dinner tonight. we had eggflower soup, egg-battered chicken with bean sprouts, fried rice, and quick-fried shrimp. tasty, if i do say so myself! my dad ate up all the extra. i just found out a few minutes ago that my BFF is coming over to spend the night...tonight!!!! i love when great things happen on short notice. i also found out something about dead man's chest. it leaves you hanging, waiting for the next one! my dad told me that he read a review that said that you HAVE TO see the third one, or else you stop halfway through the story! sneaky, sneaky! but i'm still pumped to go see DMC ASAP!!! if anybody reads this who has already seen it, please refrain from spoilers until i've seen it!!! i want as much of it as possible to be a surprise. thank you!


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