Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Makin' it quick...

I'm going to smack a rush post onto here because I have chores and crap to do.
Soooo yesterday my aunt came over to visit. This was cool because she lives in California and I hardly ever get to see her; we went to lunch (at Qdoba), had some tasty good stuff at Bella, then rented a movie. Also called Bella, interestingly.
The movie was good; pretty tragic, but really touching and poignant. I definitely recommend it. After that, she had to leave (lots of other relatives to visit), so I watched another movie. Lazy me, yes. After that, Daddy got home and we had dinner...then we watched another movie. Ok, so basically yesterday was a completely lazy day. But fun!
Right now Mom's gone to coffee with friends, and Lily's probably doing chores (like I'm supposed to). I just ate some chocolate and now I'm sitting here in my bathrobe being a lethargic loser. You'd think I'd be more remorseful...☻
I've been reading in the Bible about Solomon. He started off so well, and God was pleased with him. Then he screwed up big time as he got older. Sin is such an awful trap.

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At 5:49 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

You really like Qdoba, don't you? I don't think I'm familiar with Bella as in the food place, what kinda stuff is it? My neighbors have a dog named Bella and she always chews on my shoes! She's cute.

A past full day of movies, chocolate and not being ready for the day.. awesome!! If only there was some way to make money doing that. Yea, sin is awful. I hate it. Once ya get involved with anything of it, it's 5,6,7.. 10 times harder to get out.

At 9:55 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

I watched Bella in the theaters when it came out. The first time I have fallen asleep in a movie in the theaters.
Not saying it was bad, just didn't grab me, but I'm glad that you liked it.


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