Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch this Movie

Yes, yes, I know that my last post was about a movie. But you know me, I love 'em.
So I've been compiling a list of movies I think everyone should watch. They're almost all clean, because I don't watch raunchy stuff. Soooo here's the first one. I want everyone reading this to go out and rent...

The Lion King.

A kids movie? Yes. A cartoon? Yes! A classic Disney film that completely captures the essence of what we want from an all-ages film? Yes, yes, yes! If you've never seen it, don't knock it till you watch it. The songs are beautiful (written by Tim Rice and Elton John), the story is compelling, the animation is expressive, and the characters are sublime.

If I remember, I shall post a new movie next week.

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At 3:27 PM PDT , Blogger Blondie said...

Excellent movie!! Definately one of my faves!! I used to cry when Mufasa died. :'(

At 10:22 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

That is my fav old time Disney movie!
It has so many good lines that I still quote today. You cannot see that movie too many times, it is AWESOME!

I love the baboon, and their songs, it is just a brilliant movie.


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