Friday, May 18, 2007

*crunch* smack of death

I will not be posting for a very long time. So I must post now to explain and make up for missed time in the future.

I won't be able to because I'm getting banned from the computer, starting TONIGHT. Why? I, uh, well...let's just say that my parents set specific boundaries on *something* and I overstepped them HUGELY. So yeah, my dad said he wants the punishment to sting. And this will sting. Bad. Especially if I can't use Rhapsody either. Ouch, this is sounding even worse than I thought!

I painted farm animals on my fingernails. A piggy, a chicken, and a mousy! Hehe, I'll hafta take them off before church on Sunday though. That would look really dumb.

I really don't know what to post today, since nothing much has changed. But I feel like I should because I won't be able to for a long long time. *gasp* Maybe not all summer! :O

I have a list going of all the movies I want to see: Spidey 3, Shrek the Third, Pirates 3, and Ratatouille. I will mos def see Ratatouille, because I've seen every Pixar movie in theaters since Toy Story (still one of my faves).

I looked at the Oscars online today, and I couldn't even believe that Happy Feet won an Oscar over Cars! That's pretty retarded. But at least Helen Mirren got Best Actress and DMC got Best Special Effects. Did you guys see The Queen? I think you'd like it; it's really good. The only issue is language, but we have a language box anyway. I was actually surprised that I liked it, since it doesn't fall under any of the categories I'm usually interested in (meaning, it's not a comedy, romance, action, or mystery).

I am still fuming that Melinda was voted off of Idol on Wednesday!!! How is that possible? She rocked so amazing! I hope Blake doesn't win. Yes, I know, this sounds paradoxical to my other post on American Idol. "Blake is so cute!" bla bla bla bla. Sure, he's cute, but he just doesn't have the talent to compete with Jordin. She's stunning.

Do you guys have any songs that just...take you back? You know, back to the young, little-kid or preteen days. I've been on a kick of listening to stuff I was into back in the day. It's actually really fun! Quick list:
Leave It Up to Me--Aaron Carter.
Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)--Backstreet Boys.
Survivor--Destiny's Child
All I Can Do--Jump 5

Hehe, yeah, I had pretty dumb music taste. Except for the Backstreet Boys, that's still good stuff.

So tata, my dears, and remember: this virtual prison I am so unfortunately trapped in will not last forever. In the words of Douglas MacArthur: "I shall return."


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At 5:49 AM PDT , Anonymous beth said...

Grounding is not fun. I'm sorry that's happening.

Silly as it seems, Wee Willy Winkie takes me back to reaaaaaaally little days, jumping on the bed with a monkey toy. Mmmm-hmm.

Um..."Awesome God" takes me back to my old church...and most Rich Mullins songs.

At 9:37 PM PDT , Anonymous Ethan said...

Well, it might sound strange, but don't break my heart has always reminded me of when I was really little, and my uncle had really long hair, and that was the type of music that he was into. Very interesting.

At 10:22 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Turns out I might not get grounded after all...but I may yet. So here I am until further notice.
I like Wee Willy Winky! Never heard of Don't Break My Heart. Who sings it?
Rich Mullins has a lot of great songs. Was he the one that died in a car wreck? :'(

At 7:21 PM PDT , Anonymous Ethan said...

I have no idea who sings it. I just have liked it ever since.

I don't know if that was him.

At 7:06 AM PDT , Anonymous beth said...

Yes, that was him. :( I love his music...and I didn't even know that he was the one who wrote the songs until a little while ago.

At 10:03 PM PDT , Anonymous Ethan said...

Well, that kind of stinks, because, well yeah. Moment of silence.


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