Thursday, May 03, 2007

But I'm Right Here, Don't Leave Me!

Yes, I live!!! I doubt that this will be read since I haven't posted in almost a month...sorry. I've just been busy! Sort of...and a lot happened. And yeah, I just spaced.

Blogs are ironic. You post every day, thinking, "Dang, I wish I had something really interesting to say!" and fill up a couple paragraphs with random junk. Then something major happens in life, something that's never happened before. And you just don't have time or inclination to write about it because it's thrown such a hitch in your life! Eh.

Well, about this HUGE thing that happened and threw my whole existence out of whack for the past two or three weeks...I can't tell you. Yes, I'm cruel. But I'm also not a gossip.

But there's a moral to every story, right? The moral to The Secret that Nobody Knows is that when life hits ya hard, rely on God. Sounds like something your pastor's told you for forever, right? Me too. But I never really understood how IMPORTANT it is until now. You can be the most self-reliant, I-got-it-figured-out person in the world. But something will happen that you didn't expect. It will, I'm not kidding you here. And when that happens, you'll feel very small. And God will show how BIG He is!

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At 6:45 PM PDT , Anonymous beth said...

Very true. And I've learned that if you think something "is" with certainty, and you don't rely on God, you worry constantly. But when you turn to Him, and it "isn't" all of a sudden, it doesn't matter anymore.

My secret learning of the past two weeks. ;-)

Glad you're back. :)

At 9:50 PM PDT , Anonymous Ethan said...

Yes, very true. I don't think that there is much left to say. Except I hope everything goes well.

At 11:28 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Everything has gone fantastic! Have you seen Facing the Giants? Because there's a part of it that really is great for what's been happening.

Coach: You tell me what's impossible with God.
Football Player: Nothing, Coach!

God is awesome and big and strong and takes care of His children.


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