Thursday, March 29, 2007

And I Think it's Gonna Been a Long Long Time

Sorry it's been so long! I got grounded from the computer for back-talking my dad. But here I am again, ready to talk your ears off.

I hate bowling. I went yesterday with my friends, and discovered something. There's nothing worse than, when you get a gutter ball, to realize you have to...turn around...and see all your friends...with huge grins on their faces. Trying to be nice. It's pure humiliation. Does anybody agree with me here?

I just heard something from my mom and sister: Randy Alcorn has a third book followup to Deadline and Dominion! It's called Deception. I can't wait to read it! If you guys have ever read Alcorn's fiction, you know how good he is.

Michelle's coming to spend the night tonight, and then we're going shopping tomorrow with a bunch of girlfriends! This is actually the first time my mom's letting me go shopping with friends without her. Mostly because up until now, my BFF wasn't 18 and most of my friends didn't have cell phones. So yeah, it'll be fun. Charlie and Robbie BEGGED to tag along, but we had to say no. We need a girls day!

I want to try martial arts.

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At 7:48 PM PDT , Blogger Ethan said...

I have never read any of Randy Alcorn's books, but I have heard that they are good. I do like bowling. And there is no way, if a bunch of the girls from youth group, or wherever wanted to go shopping, that I would ever, Ever beg to come as well. Not unless certain death was to follow if I didn't. Yeah. And I didn't know you knew martial arts. All I know is punch really hard and hope he doesn't get back up. Usually works.

At 1:25 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

we didnt beg. we were suprised they didnt want us to come with them though :( it hurt "sob" jk
I need help creating an account emily

At 1:27 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

help charlie


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