Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wow, I feel...loved! Finally, somebody appreciates the beautiful flow of my writing...JK JK JK I'm not gonna get pompous! But it is kinda cool that you like it...thanks.

We are getting TONS of snow here! This is the most snow we've gotten since I was...well, longer than I can remember! I built a mermaid in my backyard outta snow, but it doesn't have any arms. Strange, I know. Only downside to all this beautiful snow is that Wednesday Night Bible Study was canceled tonight. Rats. But you're not going to believe this: in the middle of January, in 40 degree weather (at least that's what the forecast says) I'm going to a pool party!!! Yeah, it's gonna be quite the adventure. But what the hey, anything to hang with pallys.

My poor sissy is sick today...and so is Beth, I hear! Get well soon!!!! I'm fit as a fiddle, proud to say! Uh-oh...maybe I shouldn't have said that. Last time I said that to a sick friend, I caught a bug the next day! "Pride goes before a fall." Somewhere in Proverbs, right?

I have another poem I wrote that I want to post on here, but I figured I'd give you guys a break so you won't get tired of it. And this one isn't as good anyways, so yeah. But when I do post it, I want you to be completely honest, okay? Okay. It'll be a lot easier to criticize it when you're over the net anyway, instead of face-to-face.

I'm thinking that the quiz rally will be canceled...that's sad. I'm not really too upset that we won't get to spend the night there, or do the quizzing itself...I'm not even heartbroken that I won't get to see Fishy (although that part kinda bums me a little); it's the car ride up and back that I'll miss! Sitting in a van, bouncing along the roads, squashed between friends for 4 hours...nothing like it, I tell you! Then we spend the night on the floor of the church and get up early in the morning (after about 6 hours of of sleep), eat some breakfast, and head back for another 4 hours stuck in the van. Those are some of the best times of my joke, I love it!

So that's about it for today's ramblings. Now you ramble!


At 9:23 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

I love car rides!! Some people think that i am crazy, but I love sitting in the back seat of a vehicle with a bunch of people, or driving a small car, or just about anything. I really loved driving all the way to Louisville and back, that was a blast, but not quite as good as actually being there. But anyway.

At 11:12 AM PST , Blogger emily said...

I only like car rides if there's a bunch of buddies smashed in there with me, and maybe some good snacks too. I don't have my permit yet, so I can't drive anywhere. But my 16th birthday is next month, so I'll beg my parents then.

At 9:25 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

I just love driving, riding, anything except driving in Mexico in the back of a large van. Very bumpy, very ouchy on the top and side of the heady, and very carsicky.

At 10:23 AM PST , Blogger Beth said...

Car trips are very decent. I really have no opinion either way. I like to just sit and read or look out the window. Very relaxing.

Car trips with tons of people are not as fun. They are loud. And the music is often loud. And you cannot stop when you want to. Bleah.

At 12:46 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Yes, loud people! Yes, loud music! That's what makes them such a blast!!! Pumping Tobymac into my ears at top volume, then cracking up at all the wacky peeps in the car with me--it doesn't get much better. If I try to look out the window at the scenery (which is beautiful where I'm going), I usually just end up looking at my reflection in the car window...which is totally lame and vain and I need to break that habit!

At 9:07 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Umm, I definitely don't like loud music, not in car stereos. I do like a thump of KJ in the background of a car trip. Very cool then.


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