Sunday, November 26, 2006

Joy to the world, the Christmas decorations are up.

Okay, I know it doesn't really go like that, but looking at how amazing our house looks, it fits. My mom did a spectacular job of the lights, and our Christmas village is beautiful. The bathroom is even decorated to the hilt! But on more important things...

My Thanksgiving was fantabulous. Yes, I made that word up, but at least I didn't say anything like, "dramastically" or "liberetical" or "splendorful." All of those lovely words were created by different people in my church, bless their hearts. Just one of the many things that make life interesting.

Although, I've been kinda mopey, because I haven't gotten any emails lately, being that Robbie's outta school, Michelle's family is sick or something, and Bek is just being lazy. And Ethan was at Devil's Lake or something. Did I get it right?

Quiz practice was pathetic today, cuz nobody studied. I mean, come on, it's Thanksgiving Break, who takes time to study? So practice consisted mostly of Jordan talking about Disney World (lucky dog got to go for his birthday) and Robbie elbowing me in the ribs. On purpose. For no reason whatsoever. Isn't he so lovable?

But singing practice went great! I'm singing 2nd soprano, and since the only other 2nd soprano wasn't there, I had to go it alone, and it was hard. But I pulled through, and Mrs. Smith said that I did great! I've also been practicing a song on my own time. "You Raise Me Up," by Josh Groban. That guy has such a dreamy voice! <3 <3 <3

Hey, check out God's Girl today, because I have a question for you all to answer for me.

ttyl *muah*


At 8:33 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Umm, okay, I like the song, but he is not on my list of top ten singers. And I have never sent you an email. What are you singing for?

At 3:49 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Gosh, I'm stupid. Of course you haven't emailed me. Duh, Emily.
My girlfriends and I are singing at church on Christmas Eve (I think that's the day).


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