Friday, October 27, 2006

Score!!! I had resolved not to post again until somebody commented. Now I can post again. Thank you, Ethan!
So today I finished my school day at 9:30 AM. Woohoo!!!!! It's cuz my mom wants us to leave the house at ,like, noon so we can get tons of errands done. And guess what we do afterwards: Friday night evangelism!!!!! I didn't even have to bug my dad for two weeks ahead of time, he just decided to himself!!!! I'm really excited.
Pray for my cousin Amanda. She isn't hostile to the gospel like she used to be, but she seems a little indifferent. I mean, she doesn't care much at all what happens to her when she dies. And she doesn't think Christians should try to change the minds of anybody else into believing in repentance and faith. So, yeah, she just needs a lot of prayer right now.
My sister bought Over the Hedge the other day, and we watched it yesterday. That movie is soooo funny!!! I think I'm gonna be quoting Hammy for the rest of my life. "I am a crazy rabid squirrel!"
And guess what comes out on December 5? DMC!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!! My cousin Nick says that Jack acts gay. No way!!!! He's just...different. I love what Marty says: "I noticed that Captain's been acting"
Well, this post has been a whole crapload of nothing. Bye!


At 7:50 PM PDT , Blogger the gardener said...

Well, I just try to do my best to make the world a better place. And I will make sure to pray for her. I was wondering if that was a good movie or not. My brothers thought thta it was good, but sometimes they think that wierd movies are pretty good. And eh-hem, this post has been a whole garbage load of nothing. Just a habit.

At 9:23 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

I'm sorry...I didn't know that offended you. I'll try to remember to watch my tongue in the future. There have been mixed reviews for DMC. I was very impressed. It had the absolute best CG effects I've seen in my life. It had a great twist at the end. And, of course, it had the inimitable Jack Sparrow. But I've heard people say that they thought it dragged on, and one person thought that Jack's character didn't have the same spark and energy as the first one. Well, that's why you just have to watch it and see! I don't know what your taste in movies is.


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