Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life has been good lately. No particular reason why...ha ha, I can see Danna and Megan just rolling their eyes now. W/e, you guys.
Anyway, today I went through about a bazillion cooking magazines and clipped out all the recipes I want to try. There were a few weird ones that I can't believe people would eat. Like zucchini brownies! Gross!!!! But I found some good recipes. Now I just have to have a get-together with friends so that I can try some!
I've been listening to a lot of Family Force 5 lately. They're a pretty new band from the South, and they rock! For anybody who likes punk, try the song Kountry Gentleman, you won't be disappointed!
My sister had her first real piano lesson yesterday. She's played piano for about four or five years now, but has had very little "real" lessons. She does really well! I took piano for several years, then dropped out. It just doesn't seem to click in my mind. If I could take lessons for anything, I would do some kind of martial art. But I wouldn't want to risk missing any church function or something with friends because of lessons, so I opted not to do it.
I watched X-Men (the first one) for the first time on Thursday. I loved it!!!!! That last part when Logan transferred his healing powers to Rogue and started bleeding everywhere almost made me cry. My dad said that the other X-Men movies aren't that great, so I'm not hoping for too much, but I'm still going to see them. I want to see what happens!!!! And I think that I heard that Scott and Jean get married...yuck. Sorry, but Cyclops is just soooo boring!!!! Jean's a cool person, and Scott just doesn't live up to her.
I've also been talking to Bek (for anybody who doesn't know, Bek is an e-pal of mine) about the problems with Green Day. I think she gets what I'm trying to tell her, which is that their music is not worth wading through the junk to get to the fun stuff.
How's everybody else doin'? Ethan has seemed to disappear from the net...he hasn't talked in a while. But that's understandable, since he's got a farm or whatever it is. No, I'm not talking about Ethan from church; it's Ethan from Beth's blogs. Well, I think I've probably lost people's interest by now, so I'll end here.


At 8:06 PM PDT , Blogger the gardener said...

Hey, I said why I left too. And zucchini brownies are very good. It mnight sound wierd, but zucchini goes great with cocoa and oatmeal(never tried them both at the same time. Might be gross.) You should make them first. Very good combination. Can't vouch for the recipe though. You should never have quit piano. I am a very large advocate of not quitting. What good are all of the lessons you took if you quit now? Anyway.
X-2 and X-3 are pretty close to the same quality as the first one, mainly because they planned them all together. In the third one they push the mutant thing pretty far, but it is still an excellent movie in its class. And I really want to ruin the end for you right now but I won't, except that Jean and Cyclops don't get married, that would we out of the question, especially considering the fact that it was a comic book, and there is no way they could get hitched until there was a huge, drug out love thing between the three of them for a few hundred episodes first. And I really don't like paragraph breaks or Green Day either. They are pretty popular though. And FYI, I am still here. Gotta go, gotta get up in the morning, and go do. . . a bunch of . . . stuff. Yeah. Tired. See ya later. Probably not. Talk to you later.TTFN.



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