Friday, December 08, 2006

Last night was the ladie's Christmas party, and it's my first time doing secret pals!!! I won't say who I got, because I know Danna reads this, and it's a secret!!!

I just realized recently that I like comics. I found a couple cool ones on the net for free, and I can't get enough of it! Fluffy reading is fun. Heehee, don't worry, I still read real books too.

It seems like Robbie and I are falling out of touch. Of course, my definition of "out of touch" is a little too stringent! He hasn't come to church for the past Wednesday and Sunday, and I've only gotten two e-mails from him the whole week, but I'm sure we'll get back into hanging out and stuff. I'll probably see him on Sunday anyway....

Ethan, you've made my life difficult. Every once in a while, something will come up in conversation with my friends that you've said something about, so I mention what you told me. Then they say, "Who told you that?" And I say, "A guy I met on the internet." And they freak!!!! I always have to explain myself, or else they think you're a new love interest! Eek!!!!

I bought DMC the day, it came out, of course! My dad didn't like it. To each their own, I guess. Michelle and Tyler didn't like it either.

Okay, now what do I talk about? I wish Beth would put a pic of herself on bethbookitty. I've always wondered what she looks like! But I shouldn't complain, because I'm never putting a pic of myself on here. Family rules, I guess. I guess we'll all find out what we look like when we meet each other in heaven, right?


At 9:54 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Correct. Beth has thick, dark, curly *ahem*, boingy, *whistle* hair. Oval brown eyes. A raised forehead(I didn't say it was too high, because it isn't), a small dimple in her left cheek that only shows when she smile big or laughs out loud, another dimple in her lower right cheek that shows whenever she smiles, head shape is very close to a perfect oval, and average cheek bones. Draw that, and you're not far off. Whew, that was fun.

At 9:55 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

And I am sorry for making your life difficult. Not on purpose. It is Beth's birthday today, well, actually I think it is tomorrow today, which would make her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday.

At 7:59 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Tomorrow today? Huh? Okay, looking at your description, it sounds like she's gorgeous!!! Or at least very, very cute. What do you look like?

At 10:30 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Umm, it is a lot more difficult to describe yourself. I have thick blonde hair, oval seagreen eyes that change color daily, thick eyebrows and eyelashes, average to high cheek bones(without hollow cheeks), a small, mid-noze enlargement, two dimples that appear when wanted, and a semistrong jaw line.

That was weird. What do you look like. All I know is that you have glasses.

At 11:13 AM PST , Blogger emily said...

Brown, straight hair down to my shoulders.
Black-rimmed glasses (sort of rectangular, sort of rounded).
Big smile (I get it from my mom). No dimples.
Greenish-greyish-goldish-hazelish eyes.
Slight tan which gets pretty deep in summer. It's the teeny-tiny itty-bitty of Hawaiian in me, I guess.

Ugh, you're right, it's super difficult describing yourself. :P

At 6:22 PM PST , Blogger DannatheBanana said...

Hi Em,
I'm at my grandma's arpartment type thing so I thought I'd say hello. I'm having soooooo much fun!!!!!!!!! Iowa is the best!! Anyway, am I missing anything fun?

At 8:42 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Sweet. Trying to visualize. Very difficult.

At 9:30 AM PST , Blogger emily said...

Danna!!!! Wow, you're online!!!! The party was an absolute BLAST!! I so wish you guys coulda been there. Megsie will show you pics. How's all the cousins? Say hi to them for me! And hi to Charlie! Robbie's been complaining that Charlie needs to get back. Love and hugs!

P.S. Come back sooner than soon!

Okay, Ethan, I doubt you're going to be able to visualize my face, cuz I left out a bunch of stuff. It's hard! You described yourself better.

At 1:34 PM PST , Blogger DannatheBanana said...

They're all doing great. Charlie and I have taken a lot of great pics so when we get back I'll have an album to show you all.

At 9:08 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

yeah, it didnt' work so well.

At 12:32 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Sounds great, Danna! I still feel bad for not getting to know Courtney and Jennifer (is that her name?) better, cuz I mostly just talked to Kenny. Didn't Charlie say that Courtney's coming to visit sometime? That would be cool! See ya Sunday!

Ethan, I'm confused about Beth's school schedule. Is she sophomore or junior? I thought she was a sophomore, but her xanga blog suggests that she's graduating next year?

At 8:24 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

She is technically a sophomore, but she could graduate early if she wanted to.

At 6:59 AM PST , Blogger Beth said...

I love that kind of glasses, Emily. I want a pair, even though I don't need them. I can't really imagine myself wearing glasses though.

Are you eyes really seagreen, Ethan? I distinctly remember them being sky blue...but like a cloudy white sky...

And while I have to agree that you have a semi-strong jawline, it sounds rather humorous coming from your mouth. *smile*

I feel kind of bad about the xanga thing...I didn't mean to brag, but I think I's a habitual problem with me - being egotistical without knowing it. But that doesn't excuse it anyway. If I was bragging, I'm sorry.

At 8:03 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

I could kind of see you wearing glasses. That would be interesting though.

And yes, my eyes are sea-green, but they change all the time.(cloudy eyes?) And it is very interesting to try to describe yourself. If you would change anything about either of our descriptions, do so now, or forever hold your peace(I've always wanted to say that).

Well, if you were, you are forgiven by me.


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