Saturday, January 27, 2007

Today my cousin is having a baby shower at my house. Did I already tell you guys that? But it's gonna be fun. I think. I actually don't see her very often...last time was when her sister had a baby shower (which was also at my house!) two years ago. But I have some good memories of her from when I was little. Like on that one Christmas when she braided my hair and curled my bangs...I hated it so much that she had to carry me out of the bathroom over her shoulder! lol...good times.

Right now there's this cool music playing on Rhapsody. It incorporates the sounds of the ocean with the harp and stuff. It's making me sleepy...sorry this was such a short post, but I have to do my chores now. Maybe I'll post again later today.

The baby shower was so much fun! I (sort of) won one of the games, because it was this game where you put a notebook on top of your head and try to draw a baby. I got prize for funniest, because...well, it had a face on its face...and on its belly. It had 5 limbs, and I don't know how that happened! But it was really hilarious. My cousin Ginger, who's a really amazing chef, made all this exotic food. There were
grape leaves stuffed with hamburger
tons of cheese (two of which I didn't know the name of)
marinated artichoke bottoms
a cool pasta that looked like rice
garlic mushroom in quarters
and iced tea.
Talk about trying new things!

One of my friends wants to organize a trip to the mall with just this core group of us, who've been hanging out for years and years. That sounds really fun, but it would leave out 3 of my best friends! It might hurt their feelings, and I would be bummed not having them there. So that kinda puts me in a pickle. One one hand, I feel like I should suggest that they be invited. On another hand, I feel like that would be defeating the purpose of this core group thing we're planning. We haven't hung out, just us, for like a year. So what should I do? The guy organizing the mall trip wants to reconnect since he hasn't talked much to us lately, and I don't want to ruin that. But how can I just go someplace with friends if it doesn't include Robbie, Jordan, and Michelle? I would feel terrible!

Okay, Everybody Loves Raymond is on. I'm gonna go watch it!


At 8:35 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

No TV. Sorry.

At 4:31 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Huh? Did I ask you if you have a TV? *sigh* Like so many other times, I am totally lost now.


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