Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I had an AWESOME birthday party!!!! I had 17 people here, and they all brought me presents...even though I told them not to. But it was sweet of them. I got some cuh-razy cool earrings and Robbie gave me this gorgeous pin that'ss a cursive E. And I'm gonna be soooo buzzed because I got a TON of Starbucks and other coffee places gift cards!!!!

Next Saturday we're all going to the mountain to go tubing in the snow! That'll be fun. I just hope I don't look like a total idiot by slipping and sliding down to my...doom. Or whatever.

The Superbowl Party was a blast too! We played hide-and-seek in the whole neighborhood and I was so glad that my friends didn't watch the game.

A-jay's visiting in August!!! For anybody who doesn't know, Anjeannette is my older sister who lives in Louisiana. And she said that she's bringing the kids this time!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Today's my birthday!!!! And Daddy gave me a sansa MP3 player!!!!! woohoo, I'm excited! Sixteen is truly sweeeet. And Dad said that I'm going to driver's school when we get an automatic car, so I can really learn to RULE THE ROAD. Look out, pedestrians!

Things about myself that I learned this week:

1. I'm getting better at talking to people on the phone. I spent like an hour talking to Michelle and Marinda last night on the telly-phonio, and I really enjoyed it!

2. Don't ever dance at parties. Let the guys do it, because if a girl starts to do it, it gets a little...edgy.

3. I can't play basketball to save my life. I always knew it, but Robbie persuaded me into trying on Wednesday. It was such an easy shot, but I threw an airball anyway. Embarrassing.

4. I'm dependent on friends! I didn't realize until recently that my whole life revolves around my friends, and I get soooo mopey and sad without them, or if I have to leave a party or something.

5. Give people the benefit of the doubt. When I met my friend Paul, I automatically thought he was just some geek. Now I realize that he's actually really fun to talk to. When I met Jordan P., I thought he was just some jerk who wanted attention. Now he's really nice and cool.

Well, I'm gonna rip my CD's onto WMP now so I can download them onto my new sansa!!!

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At 9:52 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Glad you had a fantastic birthday. And I completely agree with the last point, and am forever finding myself the only person who is. It is really annoying.

At 1:31 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Nah, you're not a jerk! Well, maybe you are in person, I wouldn't know...lol, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt! I can be a jerk too. That's why having good friends is important, because they love you anyway. I'm sure you found that with yours, right?

At 6:35 AM PST , Anonymous Patty said...

This is great info to know.


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