Monday, February 12, 2007

Saturday was so much fun!!! Between wiping out into it most of the time, eating it when I fly off my tube, and eating it just because it tastes good, snow is very nice. And it's also very nice to listen to Aerosmith and Foreigner for like 4 hours. Have I even ever asked you guys what music you listen to? I think I know what Danna listens to: Celtic, country, and a few classic rock artists. Am I right? And Beth listens of the Opera? Lord of the Rings music? Other movie scores? You'll have to clue me in on that. And Ethan...not sure at all what you listen to. I listen to almost EVERYTHING, except for country, death metal, and classical. But I can just as easily lose myself in Journey as I can Jack Johnson!

Other than the fun I had on Saturday, my life has been pretty drab the past couple days. Well, not to me, but nothing has happened that you guys would care to hear about. Maybe I'll make you suffer through it anyways! So here's 10 that happened this weekend that I liked:

1. the mountain trip with my friends, obviously
2. not paying for my snacks at the ski lodge, or my lunch on Sunday (thank you Robbie!)
3. rocking out to AMAZING music. "Dream on! DREAM ON!!!"
4. getting maybe a few questions right at quiz practice. But I know I can do better.
5. wearing snow pants at church. Yes, I like that, something wrong with that?
6. walking through the rain with Robbie. Even though I was completely soaked afterwards.
7. playing Animal Crossing. Some things never get old.
8. getting major compliments on the chipotle turkey sandwich I made.
9. eating Doritos. Live the flavor.
10. holding my kitty cat. Maggie's so sweet...even though she's a fat lard now!

So was that boring to death? It's hard for me to post interesting blogs on here, because mostly the only people (or person?) who read this weren't there to experience all this joy with me. I wish you were, so you could comprehend how blessed I am! God has given me so much to be thankful for, and life is beautiful right now. So just take this time to thank the Lord for all the blessings in your life that you experienced over the weekend. I know that at least one beautiful thing happened to you, no matter how insignificant it might seem.


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At 9:29 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Well, I am glad that you had fun. Umm, I like to listen to modern funk christian hip-hop, Phantom of the Opera, and Classical.

At 7:13 AM PST , Blogger Beth said...

And here I thought you despised classical music, Ethan!

I've worn snowpants at church before - and I've even had Happy Birthday sung to me at church while in my snow pants...yeah. That was an embarassing

At 12:28 PM PST , Blogger emily said...

Modern funk. What is that like? Techno?

I hate people singing me Happy Birthday. I mean, come on, everyone's just staring at you while you have to sit there smiling and pretending that it's not awkward. Do you agree?

At 9:59 PM PST , Blogger the gardener said...

Umm, I have told you before that I like listening to the classics, but that doesn't matter, and modern funk and christian hip-hop was all one statement.


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