Monday, May 14, 2007

Moving On

Okay, you guys have probably gotten tired of me saying, "Something happened! I can't tell you what it is though." So I'm shutting up about that.

Summer's comin' and I'm pumped! Our yard is looking really great since my mom put more flowers in. And now we have a hammock between our curly willows! Yay. Now I just need to throw a party to complete the perfect scene.

Can you believe that I'm actually ENJOYING my history and biology lately?!? I usually get soooo bored, but WW2 is really interesting. And don't laugh, but I'm really fascinated by cells. Seriously, it's really cool! Hopefully this should bring my grade point average up from a 3.6 by the end of the school year. I used to do a lot better.

This morning's Bible class was taught from John MacArthur's book The Truth War. It was really good, and I felt good that I could contribute to the conversation, like with Hegel and stuff. Er, is this in italics? It isn't as I type it, but the little italics button on top is on.

I like Bubbalicious. It's been forever since I had it, and I just started chewing it again. It's so much more fun than regular gum!!! I can like blow bubbles, and double-bubbles, and make huge cracking noises when I snap my gum! It's so great. Heehee.

I'm hoping to go see Spidey 3 on Saturday. I might not, because my dad will be using the car, but there's a movie theater within walking distance of our house. Has anybody else seen it? Don't give anything away, but tell me if you thought it was good. I've heard people either say it was super-great, or just okay. At least nobody hated it.

God bless always,

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At 9:44 PM PDT , Blogger Ethan said...

Yeah, I saw it. It is a pretty cool movie, and they integrated a few key morals into the story, and with the time they are given, they have some amazing character development. So it is a pretty good movie. Yeah.

At 5:02 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

*sniff* I won't get to see it tomorrow because my bff who was going to go with me can't come...maybe next Saturday. :(


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