Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry I haven't updated. I found out about this new website called Facebook! It's like a safe version of myspace. So if you want you can join that.

But here's an update to any bored person or scammer that stumbles across this site. My life has been the same ol' same ol'. *CENSORED NAME* confessed to his sin, but someone still thinks he didn't do it! So I've mostly been worrying about how to convince that person of the truth without completely crushing him/her.
I'm going horseback riding today!!!! Hannah invited me and it'll be so much fun. I just feel bad for my baby sister. She was crying when she heard that she couldn't go. (when I say baby sister, I don't mean baby. Lily's 14.)
Tyler invited me to watch UHF with him and Ethan on Thursday. That'll be fun...but not as fun as my part in the deal. He has to watch Sense & Sensibility with me! lol this'll be interesting. But he said that he likes chick flicks.
Robyn's cutting and COLORING my hair on Wednesday!!!! This'll be the first time I get highlights EVER. I'm excited that there'll be a change after 16 years, but I just hope I don't regret it later. :P lol I guess you could say I'm a hair-color virgin.
I swear, Danny Elfman is a GENIUS. There hasn't been a musical score of his that I've heard that isn't a winner. Okay, maybe Midnight Run's music wasn't that great. But that wasn't conventional Danny Elfman. It was just...conventional 80's.
I went back to the dunes!!!! I only got to ride for a little while, but it was exhilerating. And I got to hang out with the Loynes family, who are the funnest people ever.

Although no one reads my blog anymore, it's good for me to write. It keeps me sane. lol it always happens that whenver I say that, someone tells me the next day, "I read your blog every day! You just never post!" Well, people, if you read my blog, please comment. It gives me more incentive to post sooner.

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