Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

Yay, I'm back! Been a long time, eh? Yeah, well, in a month there's still not too much earth-shattering news to talk about. Let's see...

Megan applied for a job at Safeway.
The Bereans party is tomorrow and we're hoping the weather will be okay.
Bryan and Jordan are in North Dakota.
A new girl named Melinda is coming to church.
Allisa was at Bible study last night.
I tried volleyball for the first time in years on Wednesday, but quit within two minutes.
Mikhaila is spending the night tonight.
I've started writing more again.
Lothlorien seems to have been abandoned.
Personablige is now a word.
I'm wearing two braids in my hair, very unusual for me.
Life goes on.

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