Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holy Crap!

I can't believe I still have this blog! I thought I had deleted it haha. Well as long as it's here, I might as well bore random net-surfers to tears...

I am still Emily.
I am still a teenager.
My life plods along much as usual.

How sad that I have nothing new to say since...JULY. Yikes. I don't even have my permit. Ah, well, I've been having a nice life.
I called Allisa a few weeks ago, can you believe it? She seems the same. I've been too scared to call because I'm afraid that Robbie will answer the phone and I'll be like, "Oh, uh,, how are you...?" You know how it is. Drama is retarded and I don't like to get involved in it.
Christmas was great as usual! New Years was way more fun than I was expecting. I went to Ethan's house and it was all good.
Oh, yeah, here's something different: my grandma's been living with us for about three months now. Yeah, so now both grandmas are living with us, one at either end of the house. Interesting, I must say...
Friends and semi-friends are still the same. Megan is still my bff, Danna is still my pally, and Jordan still hates me. Hey guess what? Pres has been coming to church like all the time! She even came to Wednesday Bible Study last night! That makes me much happy.

Kk well here's to '08. May it be better than '07.

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At 10:27 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

It's Google, they never forget or delete anything (blogger is owned by Google for those who didn't know).

Life is fun and never seems as interesting to those living in it as to those observing us. It's kind of nice to be able to keep up on people you haven't seen in an eternity and blogs are the way to do it.

I now have you programmed into my feed reader and as soon as you post a blog windows will start flashing and my computer will start beeping (how creepy is that?).


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