Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey Mush!

What in the world were you thinking?!? I didn't even see that huge horse coming from 80 miles away. Dogs will be dogs, and kings will be fools. But that doesn't mean we have to feel farther than the sunlight...knife cuts don't matter to brain history anyway.

Blow your bangs out of your face; it's hardly worth the salt and birthrights. I was watching nails pound pound pound yesterday! Her teeth grinding, his fingers burning, my eyes bleeding???? Never! is a phenomenon that creates wishful thinking. Lights in the grass won't change bare eyelashes. Don't tell: I saw the shoulders rising higher HIGHER higher on this pool. YOU CARE!!!! YOU CARE NOT!!!! Ferris wheel dreams aren't as full of laughter as we thought, are they? White and black lovers hiding...I can't stop imagining their torn history of red threads.


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At 11:13 PM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow this is totally random I have no idear what's going on! You ok? :p Knife cuts DO matter! They hurt :(

At 1:55 PM PDT , Blogger Blondie said...

uh, wow, I...uh hm I don't know what exactly to think of this.... very interesting to say the least... is this what you think about all the time?? very strange....

At 2:50 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Who is that really cool, awesome anonymous person leaving you comments? :p j/k


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