Saturday, May 31, 2008

My How-to of the Day

Okay, so here's how you can make those awesome little doodle things on your posts.

See the number pad on your keyboard? Not the numbers above the letters, those don't work. You gotta use a number pad. If there's no number pad, like on a laptop, go to a different computer.
So hit Alt and 1 at the same time. Let up your fingers and *presto*! Your first post emoticon. There are like a bazillion different combinations of keys to make images. My favorite is when you hit Alt+1+3 at the same time, and it makes a cute little music note. So just mess around with it, it's fun.
I'd show what some of them look like now, but I'm on a laptop. No number pad. *sniff*

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At 3:52 PM PDT , Blogger Blondie said...

Cool my mommie's lappy has a number pad ▼ ♦ •◘☻♥♦•◘○☺♥ ☻♣♠♦☺♦•◘○♠♣§♫
this is way too much fun lol!

At 6:13 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

"Cute little music notes"? lol.. I think I'll stick to the manly-angry-stareyoudown-wanttogoworkoutatthegym smiley face :)

At 6:22 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

So if you leave a comment on my blog, and I wanna respond to yer comment with a comment, do I write a comment on my blog or go to yer blog? Your next how-to segment should be to explain to me the entireties of blogging lol :p

At 10:08 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

The emoticons work on a laptop without a number pad, here's how you do it. On the right side of your keyboard you should see blue (or other colored) numbers mixed in with the letters. Hold down the Fn key and the Alt key at the same time while you press the different colored numbers.☺

Oh jeff, if you are using blogger you can easily have it email more replies to the post to you buy checking the "Email follow-up comments" check box." You do this when you reply to someone's post, then if they reply to you, you get an email.

Emily, if this is a how-to of the day does this mean you are going to start doing these every day?


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