Friday, April 24, 2009

Perhaps wounds fester for a reason.

Writing is often a romanticized form of brooding. Trade out the normal griping dialect for flowery language and you get a pensive intellectual, rather than a complaining, self-absorbed brat. Perhaps penning down my thoughts is bad for me. Maybe it is a way of rationalizing something really pathetic. This abuses God's gift of words and writing to make it an anesthetic. I do that. So, I'm not going to write "poetry" (notice the quotes) about pain for a while--quite a long time. Maybe this will make me more of a realist. I still want to blog too, but soul-searching should be done honestly and out of the knowledge of others. I hope that this doesn't leave my blog too dull and mundane for reading.


At 3:55 PM PST , Blogger Jade Loveless said...

I really like this one, It was a rather refreshing view :)


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