Friday, February 06, 2009

"It's my-ee aighteenth birthday-ee tuhday-ee!"

Although I hate that character (and was sort of glad when she died...I'm a spiteful creature!), I've been saying that line all day and will continue to chant it till tomorrow! :D

Which means that today is my eighteenth birthday! Daddy took me out to breakfast eeearrly (I got up at 5:15 and we got to the restaurant at 6:00), where we had a very nice talk. He gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble, which OF COURSE I was very excited about! It was Cindy's day off, though, so I didn't get free fruit or anything. :( When I got home, Mom gave me some num-nums and tasty juice! Grandma gave me a sweater that is pretty much the softest thing ever. I love my family so very very much (this is not because they give me stuff on my birthday).

I complained, both to others and myself, yesterday about how I really thin that eighteen is too old for me. Not that I am not ready to face up to life (okay, well maybe I'm not, but I'm getting there), but I really ought to be considered as an adult now. Yet, I know I will not be unless I act and think like one. Do I want to? I believe that I do. It's just a slightly difficult transition for me.

I have library work today, and Megan's picking me up afterwards. We, along with Mishmash and Danna, are going to have a really weird slumber party that I am quite positive will result in extreme sleepiness the next day at Courtney's concert. 240 milligrams of caffeine is something that I am quite interested to learn the effects of.

Speaking of concerts, did I tell you guys yet about that concert coming up? On March 22, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Hawk Nelson, and Tenth Avenue North are coming here. Best part is, there's no advance purchases of tickets. Just show up at the door and give them $10! I really want to go, and I think that if we get together a big enough group, it could happen...yes it's on a Wednesday, but I never ever miss Wednesday nights. I think that I can be absent just once.

Danna told me on Wednesday that I am very open on my blog. Funny, I always thought that I was rather reserved to what I'm really feeling...I think that certain blogs, which write mostly in secretive allegories, can be more enlightening into the inner thoughts than mine. This is because if you know what you're looking for, it's not that hard to decipher what someone really means by supposed random type.

I met Coralynn yesterday! I have to admit, all the crazy cooing that Michelle and Marinda have been doing over that kid is not over-the-top at all. She's so adorable! Her eyes are enormous, and she's super chubby. Chubby babies are fun to poke. I was quite entertained yesterday by staring her down intensely; I think I either intrigued or disturbed her. Or even better, both! >:)

Which is worse: to be absolutely sure of something, but change your mind several times, or to admit that you really don't know for sure what you think yet--and keep people in the dark as to what you really feel?

My hair is getting really long. Meh, I'm too lazy to go get it cut hehe.

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At 1:20 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:36 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Keeping people in the dark; people need to know if they should move on or not.

At 1:58 PM PST , Blogger emily...♫ said...

What would change if people "move on"?

At 4:09 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

A lot. Then again, nothing. Both.

At 4:12 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

You should know, you've "moved on" before haven't you.

At 10:59 PM PST , Blogger emily...♫ said...

That was totally different. There was a specific thing, a bad thing, to move away FROM.

Both.-_- Okay then...I am as confuzzled as ever.

At 11:03 PM PST , Anonymous Lily said...

I thought that that concert was on a Sunday, not a Wednesday...

At 5:16 AM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Both - It's not that confusing really (this may be one of the few things about this topic that I'm actually not confused about myself). There is nothing to move away from here besides imaginations, so yer right on that part, and that's where nothing would change. But then a lot of things would change on the opposite side. My entire mindset would change, what I think about would change if it isn't already, where I spend my time would change, who I talk to would change, etc etc, you get the point ay. Nothing would change for you most likely, am I wrong.

Lily, yer right it's a Sunday.


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