Monday, February 02, 2009

The past few days have not been stellar. Well, there have been bright spots, but overall I feel like there hasn't been too much yay going on.

I spent my Saturday lounging about and doing a small amount of shopping until 5:30, when we had dinner with the Parks. That was nice, until Jordan and Michelle got into drilling me with questions and giving "advice." The advice they gave soon turned into code talk between them about something or other that has to do with me, but I can't know about it. Ugh. I spent the next 24 hours trying to understand what they were hinting about, to no avail. I'm not even going to think about it anymore.

Megan ditched the first couple hours of Potts Night for a Superbowl party, but I can't hold that against her. We held our own quite well without her there, as a matter of fact; Jeff's debate topic really got me thinking. It's rather shocking to myself when I realize that something I thought I had analyzed thoroughly turns out to be (most likely) a preconceived idea that really doesn't have a lot of solid, Biblical basis. I'm not sure if the discussion is put off for a further time or if I need to wave the white flag right now...we shall see.

Today was a jumble of Emily being a brat, Mom being a whiner, and Lily being incomprehensible. That makes a very nasty tasting stew! Oh well, we're not arguing now, so that's something.

This Friday, Megsie is hopefully going to spend the night here, but the next day is still hazy. I was planning on having a bowling party, then going to my house for pizza and stuff...but I really don't know. Courtney has a concert that day, and I really want to be there to vote for her and stuff. That is at one o'clock, and I don't know how long it goes to. There's a bowling alley really close to that, but I checked the prices (it would be cosmic bowling at that time), and it costs quite a lot. Ridiculous really. -_-

When I get a thought in my head, saying "Why can't they just leave me alone?" Is that wrong?

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At 6:56 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Don't you hate it when people always compare bad moments to people starving in Africa. Everyone knows people are starving or live in poverty or what else is over there, but struggles are different for each person in each region of the planet.

What's their place to pose questions. First off anything Jordan says I would personally throw out the window while burning it, pretty much no matter the topic. Michelle on the other hand has said some surprisingly smart things to me before, so I'm not sure about her.

Don't wave the white flag! I'm sure it will continue.

Well you said it doesn't really matter to you that much, but you also said it might be yer last party. It'd be nice to have something going on, but maybe that concert thing can be yer party.

That thought would not be wrong. Yer making me curious as to who and what, but don't answer that for the world, or at all if you wish not to.


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