Monday, January 26, 2009

To Keep Above Water

So yaaaaay I'm posting. When I should be doing school, especially since I took a break midway through the school day to go to the movies hehe. I went to see Inkheart with Lily...I think Ethan's tee shirt sums it up:

Yeah. -_- Since I don't think any of you guys have read the book, it would be pointless for me to point out all the flaws of this film, so I'll spare you...I guess it was just cool to do something with just Lily for once. Although I embarrassed her horribly (of course) during the previews before the movie by singing random lalala's during silent moments and clapping gleefully during the Cartoon Network commercial. She was sufficiently mortified. ^^

On Saturday there was a surprise birthday party for Marinda. We went to the beach and then back to her house. It was a good time; I think Marinda was blessed a lot that we thought of her (or rather Michelle did and got us in on it...anyway). :)

I'm supposed to write a current events editorial this week. Any ideas of a big deal topic I can "imo" on? I'm so sick of reporting on the newest mess-up President Obama is doing to "save" America.

A question that has been bouncing around in my head for a while: why are many atheists moral?

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At 6:59 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Glad you and yer sis got to do somethin together.


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