Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emily is Boring Today :'(

So yesterday I was moping that I wouldn't have any fun on the weekend with my friends. So guess what? I got an email from Michelle this morning asking if I wanted to go hiking with them? Sounds great right? Well, of course, you know me; I said no. :( I know, I suuuuck. But geez guys, can't you be a little more creative in your plans than two hikes in one week? Because you know that you'll never get me to go....

Part of my finger is going numb. Kind of freakin' me out, but Mom said don't worry about it. So I won't. 8(

Last night I watched (on Youtube) one or two episodes of a reeeaaaally old TV show called 21 Jump Street. The show itself was ehh. Kinda average quality, but there is one big reason I lurved it. Can you guess? ;)

So, instead of going hiking, it seems I'll be running around town doing errands and stuff with my mom today. Sounds boring, right? Might not be. idk, I think I like my family more these days. Bill and I get along better (for the most part), Mom has her ups and downs, and Dad is much more gentle. :)

So I sent in an email to Michelle this idea: since I'm rejecting the whole hiking thing, do you guys want to come over here after the hike and hang out/get some food? I can't guarantee what time would be okay, since Michelle hasn't emailed me back yet saying if she likes the plan. Once I hear from her, I'll try to figger what time would be good.

Well I gotta go take a shower and do some chores. I think I better cool my amount of computer time for a while here...Mom is getting pretty whiny about it.

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At 2:11 PM PST , Blogger emily...♫ said...

Okay, so after several phone calls, I still don't know if anything is going on today...sorry.

At 5:48 PM PST , Blogger Janelle said...

"How tasteful"?

At 10:00 PM PST , Blogger emily...♫ said...

lol your status said you went "shopping for carpet" and came back with concrete. I knew you meant it differently, but it sounded like you were going to replace your carpet with concrete. :P

At 5:47 AM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Yer not boring.

At 5:29 PM PST , Blogger Janelle said...

Oh! Okay, I was thinking something totally different :-/


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