Monday, September 15, 2008

Isn't it ironic that after a whole summer of complaining that there isn't enough to do, I get bombarded by stuff to do after school starts! I've been pretty much hanging out with people nonstop this weekend! Good stuff.
I went horseback riding twice on Saturday, and that spells one thing for today: S-O-R-E. :'( But it was totally worth it. The ride on Saturday was even slightly dangerous, which of course means way more fun to talk about later. The horses decided right near the end, "Oh, look, we're almost done. Let's break into a gallop and ditch these suckers holding the reigns!" So the horse I was riding, Cheyenne, who'd done nothing the entire ride but plod and eat blackberries, broke out full stride. I almost ended up under her hooves, but thankfully as soon as I fell to the ground she stopped moving. And brave little me got back on the horse and rode to the stable! Yay I proud of myself for surviving. Zack lost one of his shoes haha.
After reviewing all the comments on my last post, I think Megan is right. What I was feeling was basically a form of selfishness. I still worry about the matter quite a bit, but I have no right to act like I have been. I really must learn to handle my own problems instead of complaining to everyone else about it. I'm sorry....
I should quit this and go back to school; I'm not quite finished for the day. BUT I don't want to quite yet! *stalling for time*
Does this ever happen to you: you figure something out about yourself or something that relates to you, and then you start telling people. You find out that everybody else already knew it! It's bizarre sometimes how oblivious the most central people are to the goings-on around them. Does this make sense or am I a blithering idiot?
My writing class had me make a list of all my goals for one year, five years, and ten years from now. It was very fun, maybe I'll post it.

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At 8:43 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Haha I laugh at all you people in school. My school doesn't start until next week :-)

Horseback riding is so much fun, I've only done it once and the horses didn't do much, but I could see how it could be a blast if they would jump or something while you are riding.

Ummm Emily I'm not sure if keeping all of your problems in is the wisest thing either... Maybe it's just me but it's easier to digest a "problem" when you are talking to good Christian friends about it.

Yes, just the other day in fact. I think it's kind of scary how much other people seem to know me better than I know myself. It's hard to keep a secret :-)

At 9:13 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I laugh at everyone who is in school period!! School suxors!

At 9:16 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Than Jeff, I am glad I am out of earshot. Go cut down a tree and destroy the environment.

Hey Jeff I have a question for you, I was going to ask you this on your blog but figured this would be just as good of a place.

If a tree falls down and no one is there to blog it did it really happen?

At 9:56 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Judging from the use of my name twice and the apparent sarcastic tone, I sense some anger.

Almost clever.

But seriously. Quit reading my blog if it bothers you LOL.

At 9:59 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Oh maybe I came from the wrong tone, I didn't realize I used your name twice.

I would of put it on your blog but I don't know anyone there :D

I have no anger, but did have a sarcastic tone.

At 10:33 PM PDT , Blogger emily...♫ said...

Woah, boys calm down! If you're going to get into catfights, do it on some other poor girl's blog. Not mine! :'(

At 10:49 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Which other poor little girl can we pick on? I don't see any more around here :p C'mon guys and gals! -lets do some catfights!! XD

At 6:56 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Oh good, you all know how I feel about cats...

Oh btw Emily u want to know what it looks like when two guys get into a fight? It's definitely not what you just saw :D

You know what I should do? I should just press the "next blog" button on the top bar and have my arguments there :D


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