Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not much going on here

Soooo it's been almost a week, figured I'd better make a new post. Not much has really happened this week though. I went to Oaks Park yesterday, I guess that's something. But there's not really a lot of good rides there though. In my opinion, the most fun ride there is the Screamin' Eagle, which I happen to find very relaxing. Seriously, I just de-stress when I go on that ride. And the roller coaster? I didn't even scream once the whole ride. Not that it wasn't fun, but it was just pretty simple and short.
Michelle spent the night last night. That was fun as usual, but it seems like we end up talking about a lot of the same stuff every sleepover. Taking apart the past, seeing how it relates to the present, speculating about the future. That can be either uplifting or depressing, depending on what you're talking about. I for one am rather unsure about my future. I mean, anything could happen to me since I don't really have any solid plans. Of course, I know that whatever plans I make, it's still in the hands of God. But I just don't have any clue of what I want to do! Sometimes I get scared that I'll make stupid choices and then have to live with them forever.
Aunt Lori emailed saying that the Predmores are coming to campout!!! I'm so happy! Haven't really got to chill with the whole family for quite a while. Better brush up on my lightsaber warring so I can pwn lol.
A lady is coming over for dinner tonight. Anybody at church last night during prayer requests knows who I'm talking about. Pray about it! She's not saved, and so we want to witness to her and the family she's bringing. I'm a little nervous; never met the lady.

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At 3:05 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I feel the same exact way about my future, too. It sucks, and is good at the same time I guess, cuz everything is in God's hands, but we can't see it until anything happens. I think that last part sucks. It's like yer second paragraph is ripped from my skull directly..

Does yer fun-ness ever stop??! Oaks Park is pretty fun, but kinda small. You been to Six Flags in Cali? I loved that place. It's like Oaks Park on steroids and muscle mass pills.

I pray dinner goes great for yer fam tonight, and that lady at least thinks about things openly.

At 10:14 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

lol I like yer answer/question.

At 11:05 PM PDT , Blogger Daniel said...

Witnessing. It's one of those words that can make us cringe. I love telling people about my relationship with Christ, but I still get butterflies... Usually when someone nervous it could be the fear of rejection or that something will go wrong or that you won't be able to answer someone's question.

I remember when I first shared my story as a new believer at age 9. I still remember both of us playing in his sandbox, and felt that I needed to tell him about Jesus. I was pretty nervous. Somehow I opened my mouth and began asking him questions about if he believed in God.

I shared about my life with Christ and told him how he changed me. Before I knew it, I was asking him if he had ever wanted a relationship with Christ. He said no. But to my surprise, he said he wanted to start a relationship with Christ right then! Boy, was I shocked.

Then we walked up to his play fort, and we prayed. He invited Christ into his life. My friend had a life changing-experience right there in the middle of a play fort. He said yes to Christ.

Don't be afraid! Your job is to plant the seed. God will do the rest. =D

At 4:36 PM PDT , Blogger Janelle said...

I still to this day refuse to go on the roller coaster at Oaks Park. I'm such a wuss when it comes to amusement park rides.

In response to Daniel's comment: I think witnessing is also so nerve racking because it's so much more than asking someone to pray for Jesus to come into their life. It's about asking that person to deny them self, turn to God in repentance, and obey what Christ commanded. You are doing someone a great disservice if you tell them that praying a simple prayer is the key to their salvation.

I also will contribute my prayers to your dinner guest. I pray that God will open her eyes and that she will see herself as God does, and that she needs to cry out to Him.

At 11:16 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

The whole family won't be there. Aaron will still be off in lala land...

Have you been to any big amusement parks? One that I love is Knott's Berry Farm. That is an amazing amusement park. I want to go to Magic Mountain SOOO bad.

Anyway can't wait for camp out, it's sad that this will be the last one... At least they were fun while they lasted. It's starting to be that I hardly know anyone at your church anymore so I guess it's probably for the best :-)


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