Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogging? More like slogging...

I'd like to start off by saying that I myself did not delete that paragraph or those comments. That was my mother. My parents have made the decision that I will not be seeing The Dark Knight. My feelings on the subject shall remain undisclosed.

I haven't been posting for several reasons. One, my family did some stuff for the first couple days of the week. Dad had Monday and Tuesday off, so we spent the time together. My favorite place was the lavender farm we went to. Have any of you guys ever been to a lavender farm? It's purple and peaceful and smells AMAZING! I found myself singing hymns and dancing in the sprinklers like an idiot. And the nice lady who owned the place runs a little business; she gives you a zip-tie and lets you fit as much lavender as you can in it for $5.
Daddy also bought some lavender-mint tea, which I am drinking right now (quite good).

On Wednesday I saw the Parks again for the first time in two weeks (two weeks is longer than it seems)! Megan and I spent the night at their house and we three (me, Megs, and Bichelly) slept on the tramp. I always love that. Megan had to leave at 9:00 the next morning, which was stinky for all. Meaning, Michelle and I didn't get to hang with her as long as we'd have liked, and she had to go to work on five and a half hours of sleep! XP

Today started out good and ended badly. Even though it's not over yet. This morning, Mom, Lily, and I went shopping and I scored a major find at Kohl's Early Bird Sale. So far, so good. Then we did some other running around town. The weather was nice, and the stores we went to weren't boring. Still not a bad day. We came home, and I sat down to read a novel. The rest of the family was watching a movie, so I had some nice alone-time in the living room. Then when the movie finished, they all came into the living room. I was surprised and rather ashamed at how irritated I was that they were chattering and banging around so fast after their movie finished. I mean, they weren't acting any different than usual...I just was being more of a recluse than normal. So here it starts to get grumpified.
I decided to do some proofreading for Muriel on her story, "The Blood on the Sidewalk," when I remembered that I had lost it. Bad feeling in pit of stomach. Guilt, embarrassment, annoyance at myself for being so careless. I'm probably going to have to reprint out the first draft and have her mark out the corrections AGAIN. That was a major goof on my part.
Next, I decide to look for my missing makeup bag. Note: my makeup is not irreplaceable, nor is it completely necessary.
But it's expensive. And tomorrow is Sunday.
So I start digging around in my stuff, to no avail. It's not there. Either it is buried in some hidden corner of my room (doubtful) or it's at the church. In which case, someone may have moved it or taken it thinking it was theirs.
So now I'm getting upset. I've lost two things that I consider important! Frustrated, I decide to start on my new novel from the library. Now, this isn't a book I checked out; it's a book that I got from completing the summer reading program. It's MINE. So I ask Mom, "Hey, where is that book I gave you to put in your briefcase at the library?" You can guess the response.
"You never gave me a book at the library."
So I scramble around my room, the bookshelves in the family room, even the car. It's not there. I dig through Mom's entire briefcase, hoping she's wrong about this. Of course she's not.
You guys don't understand how I feel about books, so this next sentence is going to seem very ridiculous.
I shut myself in my room and cried. Big, hot tears all over the knees of my pants. Dead serious.

Tomorrow's softball picnic should be sort of fun.

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At 8:03 PM PDT , Blogger Janelle said...

I'm sorry about your book :-( What book was it?

Drew and I aren't seeing the Dark Knight either. As neat as it looked, we think Pastor made some good points.

At 9:56 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Ouch, that seams like a bad day!
That's a good reason to take down the part of that post and blogger doesn't support editing comments so you can't really take the Dark Knight stuff out of them.

I like sleeping on trampolines too!
The only problems is we end up waking up sleeping on top of each other in the middle of the tramp.

Oh dear, it's would be just terrible to have to see you without your makeup on!!! You should keep a berka around just for these situations :-)

Of course I'm writing this with my hand the size of a baseball in a bowl of ice water trying to hold back the tears (and hit the right key with my foggy vision)...

Crying over a book, I too want to know what book this is.

At 5:13 AM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

A really close mentor of mine and friend, more like family to me, always likes to give me a piece of calming advice when I worry about things also: "If that's the least of your worries - hey - you're doing great!". Simple but I can't ever argue with her..

Given I don't really deep down know how you feel about your makeup and certain books, things could be worse. And I don't think girls need makeup anyway cuz God made you people look a way TON better than dudes /cry.

At 5:15 AM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Yea. That's right. A 5:13am on Sunday -_- Rotting away.

At 9:13 PM PDT , Blogger Jason said...

I read that review of the Dark Kight and would have to say it was somewhat overexaggerated. Comparing the movie to Saw,2,3,and 4???? That isn't accurate at all. While the movie did contain 9 misues of the Lord's name, does that mean condemn and cast it out? I don't think so. However, The Dark Night is a extremely entertaining, well done, film. It was even accurate with the Batman comics!

At 10:08 PM PDT , Anonymous Betsy said...

Ouch.I hate when I lose stuff like that!*hugs*

At 1:46 AM PDT , Anonymous caitlin said...

awww, poor emily *hugs you*.losing stuff sucks.especially books...

At 3:20 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I want/ed to see Dark Knight too, but the whole whether-or-not-to-see-this thing whatever basically comes down to Romans 14:21-23. I'm sure there are many other scriptures to fight against it too, which again I like to initially go against but can't really cuz it's the Bible.

I remember talking to your mom, Laura, once Emily, and she was talking about borrowing CDs from the library and how there was "too much grey area" so you all stopped borrowing them to copy them for free. I actually use this argument (I know I'ma thief ugh) for a lot of things now cuz everyone should think that way. Considering "grey areas" or "offending your brother" go hand in hand. Staying away from grey areas keeps you further away from the black areas.

At 5:42 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

You people are the greatest.

At 4:03 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Uh.. yer greater.


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