Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Is lazing a word? As in, "I'm just lazing around," or "There's got to be more to do than lazing!" Yes, it is a word.
And that's all I'm really doing right now. I did my morning chores...*huge yawn* and listened to some music...fun but I ALWAYS do that. I'm beginning to think that my brain is powered by listening to songs, because I get this weird jitterish feeling when my house is silent. And then when I turn on some songs, my whole mind just feels better.
I saw WALL•E on Saturday! It was sooooooo sweet and very incredibly animated. The characters said practically nothing for most of the movie, but that's ok. The story was just as good without dialog, seriously. And the little Pixar short before the movie...absolutely priceless! I don't think my dad and I have laughed that hard at slapstick for a long long time. Aaron and Lily weren't QUITE as thrilled about the movie as I was, but I think they like it.
Sunday's GBI was like a graveyard. With all the people on vacation, there were a total of like, 15 attenders! That included the babysitters with the kids. I got this warm fuzzy feeling during my kid-watching time. When I walked in the nursery, Caleb Smith asked, "Are you the next nursery shift?" I said yes, and all the kids cheered and jumped around! Made me feel really happy.☺☺☺
Today is Rebekah's birthday party. I still haven't gotten her a prezzie, so we'll pick one up on the way over there. I love that kid! She's so sweet and gentle. And she said I'm still her best friend. Another happy moment...kids rock!
Yesterday Aaron and I made cherry-rose petal preserves. It was pretty time-consuming, and it basically tastes like cherry jelly. With a hint of rose fragrance. But oh-well, it gave us an excuse to dress up in face masks and be the...COOKING NINJAS!!! We were going to videotape it and put it on YouTube, but it didn't turn out to very interesting videos. So scratch that.
Right now Lily's reading the Bible, Mom's at coffee with friends, Aaron's playing RuneScape, and I'm finishing this blog. A pretty average Tuesday.
Later, fiends--er, friends!

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At 3:42 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Does Aaron play WoW? Who wouldn't. I don't even know what RuneScape is.. probly cuz it's dwarfed by WoW :p

I feel the same way about music as you. I can't just sit at the comp and not listen to music. I wanted to be at GBI today, but I failed. What was it about? You must enlighten me!

At 3:43 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Did I say today? What I meant was SuuuuunDAAAAAAY!!! *yells like Oprah*

At 5:14 PM PDT , Blogger Megan said...

yeah what was it about? I wasn't there either...

At 9:44 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Aaron says he would like to play WoW, but it costs too much. Runescape is an RPG that costs little or no money (depending on the kind of account you want). Aaron spends a lot of time on it, and Lily goes on it sometimes. But it's not for me!
Sunday's GBI was first the hour of Ken Ham (yay we're back to Ken!). His lesson was about the importance of learning all these facts, in relation to witnessing to unbelievers. There wasn't a lot of geology this time; it was focused on giving theological reasons to learn earth's origins.
Then there was the lesson in Mark. It was about the Transfiguration and the exorcism of a demoniac boy. I missed some of it because of nursery care, but I heard a lot of it.

At 6:09 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

What is for you? You talked about Oblivion a bit at Taco Bell that one time.. orrr maybe games aren't for you?

I really shoulda been there for that GBI. I know things in my head but when I try to talk with people I don't really know, about God and how things were created instead of randomly bursting, usually other peoples' debating skills dangle me from the ceiling.

At 6:10 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

So how them kids treating you in the nursery?


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