Friday, June 06, 2008

Party Time

Today is a joint post! My friend Michelle is here, so she is going to post as well. It'll make things...ineresting? I don't know, we'll see!
So first I will speak. We just finished up my mommy's birthday lunch; it was fun for me. We were going to do karaoke, but none of the karaoke CDs were like, party kind. I mean, hymns are great, but for karaoke? Nah.
Sooooo Megan is going to another interview today. She'll probably GET THE JOB. Sorry. An annoying child is messing with the mouse. And as for me getting a job...well I don't think I want one yet. I don't like the idea of something interfering with my other FUNNER plans. So you guys can work, and then I'll just mooch off you people! ☺
Um um, I can't think of much other interesting stuff. Michelle and I are talking about the past. Quite an inexhaustible subject! It seems like we've been talking about the past for a year and a half, and we never run out of new theories as to what the past means! Life is so mysterious! Ok, now Michelle will speak her mind!

i don't really want to do this but emily is insistent which i can't spell with out emily this key board is impossible! Emily told me to speak my mind so i am, with great pride i act like a complete idiot!!! I'll tell you about me day. I woke up about 9:50 am and read the BIBLE and slept more and ate and got dressed and eavesdropped to my moms and brothers conversation which was boring so then i left home and went to emilys house and now im here on the computer talking to you offense......i thnk a dumb blonde is worse than a nerd....emily told me your guys nerd characteristics which are megan, biology nerd, jeff, tree chopping nerd (what ever that is) and last but not least caleb, the computer nerd.... which emily is... so yup that i've bored yall to death i will leave you till next time i see you.....good bye

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At 4:58 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

I alwasy find it funny that you label virtually all of your posts with dumb :D

So Emily you describe me to all your friends as the computer nerd? lol

Michelle I can never be bored with a post that has my name in it, I wish more people did that, it'd make the internet a whole lot more interesting B^)

At 6:07 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

You are rather conceited today!!! lol jk

At 9:07 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Is that the Michelle from church? Is there more than one Michelle... Yer not gonna mooch off me yeah right! Hey that's good - reading yer Bible, I did that today too and dived into some Romans!! I'm glad you had fun at your mom's party, sounds like it was fun (?).

Hey wait! I'm not a tree chopping nerd! I hope to be a car nerd here soon, get it right lol :p

At 11:07 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Yeah it's Michelle from church. She's gone now but we had fun. We watched a movie and had a wrestling match. lol find CAR nerd. I'll try to remember haha.


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