Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Actual Day

Today I didn't sit around being pointless!!! Here is a fairly exhaustive list of my activities of the day:

I did some cooking. This was basically just doing what Mom tells me to do as she cooks, but it was something.
I vacuumed. Self-explanatory.
I dusted. That was mildly fun because I got to listen to my French CD as I danced around with the duster.
I washed the windows. That was fun at first, because I'd never done it before and I swirled the rag around in time with Will Smith's AWESOME track "Switch." Then my arm got really tired and it wasn't fun anymore. But I finished it and now the windows are pretty clean.☺
I moved some plants around. That was because Bama is feeling pretty benevolent and wants to give Mommy a planter full of plants (well I guess there's nothing else it would be full of), so I put it on the deck.
I hooked up my karaoke machine to the TV, which was surprisingly easy. I just hope that Dad isn't mad when the DVD player doesn't work tonight....
I sang on the karaoke machine to make sure it works. That was fun, except I think I gave a headache to my poor mother and sister. And I'm sure poor Frank Sinatra never wanted his songs to be treated so disgracefully.

Tonight Daddy is taking Lily and me out to buy Mommy a birthday present. I know what I want to get her; the only thing I'm worried about is whether or not the store will have it (and whether or not Mom already has it!)
I've gotten back into writing, and now I'm addicted to my own story. It's a good feeling.

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At 9:21 PM PDT , Blogger Clegs said...

Wow sounds like a full day. Though is today really the first time you have ever washed windows?
I've always wanted to try karaoke but I do know what my voice sounds like and I'm sure I'd knock out everyone in a five mile radius.

At 10:26 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

lol nice new pic. I bet he's gonna be sooo mad when the DVD player doesn't work!! If I didn't know you in person or could see yer pic, I'd know you were a girl just by reading this post. Dancing with a duster..

I did stuff today too, actually outside of my house. Do you like being lazy or doing stuff more? I bet Megan likes to sit around lolol ahhh jkjk :/ .. at least I laughed inside.

At 1:40 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Well hopefully I'll fix the DVD player before he uses it...we didn't get to do karaoke even. :(
I'm not sure if I like lazy or busy better. I'm better at being lazy, so I think I prefer that.
AAAGGGH Michelle is ticking me!!!! No, Megan is not lazy! She's always doing stuff. Half the time when I call her, she's not even home.


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