Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend makes for very good times

So this weekend I had fun. On Saturday, we went to Blue Moon for breakfast with Aunt Lori, Mrs. Parks, and Michelle. Michelle and I completely BORED Lily to tears with talk about lots of girly stuff.
After a lovely breakfast of salsa omelette and hash browns, we stole Michelle and went to a camping/hanging out...sort of place for the afternoon. The Loynes' were there, but Megan was working so basically it was me and Bichelle with much more mah-velous GIRL talk. Lots and lots. We also waded in the creek and I found a heart-shaped rock! It's in my room now. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.
So when it was time to take Michelle home, we finagled to let me spend the night at her house, which is ALWAYS so much fun!!! We went over to their friends' house for a barbecue. I had a blast because the two little kids there have tons of wicked awesome Star Wars stuff. They actually had a classic Lando action figure with his original Jabba's palace helmet! So basically the evening was Parker and Noah (the two kids) showing me all their cool Star Wars stuff, while Michelle and Jordan made fun of me and called me a geek. Good times...
So Marinda brought her car, and she took Shelly and I to Hollywood Video. We rented a movie and Michelle bought four.
Then we went back to her house and watched Much Ado about Nothing, my favorite Shakespeare play! Michelle and Jordan went downstairs and watched The Pink Panther...I guess they can't handle Benedick's witty contemplations or Hero's tragic misfortune. But I loooooved it!!! Beatrice is my favorite character, and it's a rare thing when my favorite person in a movie is a girl.
So the next day was church obviously. Yeah and we did Communion cooking too. Not much to report there, except that I think we did it in record time! We even had time to rush over to Macy's and try on some crazy cool outfits! It was really fun, my girlfriends are so purty-ful in fancy dresses. (I looked rather out of place in a formal gown, lol)
Sooooo then there was Communion, a beautiful time of course. Except for Megan's "soft feet" comment! haha!
Robyn's coming over for lunch, so I gots to get working on that. Oh geez she'll be here in half an hour. Crap I'm gonna be so rushed!!!! Gotta go!

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At 6:22 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

My sis was tellin me about Megan's comment, and that is GROSS. EW.

I think dude talk is way more fun, especially at night when yer tired.. Cuz uh, what would girls talk about? Probly not cool stuff that guys talk about.

At 11:46 PM PDT , Anonymous caitlin said...

soft feet!?what!?glad u had fun being gloriously nerdy.☺

At 8:48 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Jeff, are you KIDDING me??? Girl talk is sooooo superior to macho man talk. I have learned so much talking to girls. And considering that most women are intellectually superior to men, it seems you guys don't learn that much from your talks. Just kidding!
Caitlin: oh, yes, it was glorious, indeed.

At 12:36 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

All this girl<->guy talk debate has me thinking? How would you know how the other gender's talk is since it's normally only used when you aren't around.

Personally I much prefer guy talk, idk what your new shoes are like or how hot you thought that guy was in the movie.

As for women being intellectually superior to men, that just shows that neither understand each other. I think girl talk is boring, and girls think guy talk is boring. We both win :-)

At 12:30 AM PDT , Anonymous caitlin said...

well, girls's tend to talk about more intersting stuff, in my opinion.and i'm relatively unbiased, cos i hang around with a lot of guys....but yeah, guys talk about sport and...well, that's pretty much it...but they're often funnier than girls....

At 12:32 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Uh yea right, Caitlin! I've never met you, but I never talk about sports cuz sports are dumb! Wasting a breath on sports would be like wasting a chewing motion on vegetables.

I kinda don't like to say this, cuz I'm a guy and all, but Emily's right: girls are actually smarter than guys.. eugh dang it! Hey but Caitlin has a point that guys are usually funnier than girls. Dunno if that's true for myself but it is for most other people I know.

Waaa I wish my friend Ben was here ><

At 4:54 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

caitlin, maybe you only hand around a small group of guys. I am very involved with sports but very rarely talk about it. And all my friends hardly ever talk about it. But I do know some guys where that's all they talk about, but it's mostly an exception.

jeff, your statement is pretty blunt, what makes a girl smarter? Personally I wouldn't agree, I think they have the same mental capabilities. I know the same number of smart woman as men. It would be interesting to look up statistics to see if what you and Emily are purposing is true.

Again, maybe I just hang out with a completely different crowd.

At 11:48 PM PDT , Anonymous caitlin said...

well, i may've been generalising just a tad when i said that.but....well, while both genders sometimes have pretty limited topics of conversation, girls do tend to focus on more...well, less boring stuff.but guys add a lot of humour to their convos, which some girls don't...yeah, i think both genders are about the same...and i don't think girls are intellectually superior, as such.i think that guys ttend to better with mathematical and scientific stuff, which comes up less in their intelligence isn't really showcased....

At 11:55 AM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Caleb, girls do not talk exclusively about hot guys in movies, and we pretty much NEVER talk about shoes. That's for idiot chicks with nothing going on upstairs.
I was just stating in my comment that the talks I've had this week with girls has been enlightening, uplifting, thought-provoking, fun, and relationship-building.
Whenever guys tell me what they talk about, I usually roll my eyes because it consists of one of the following:
1. going to the gym to get ripped.
2. girl trouble.
3. how sucky it is to be in trouble.

Not all guys are like this, I know! Actually, both of you guys (Jeff and Caleb) I cannot put into that category. But pardon the's true for most boys.
(and Caitlin, you are quite right about the brainpower v. funnyness. I say we would be in an awful world if we didn't have both the jokers and the smarties!☺)

At 3:08 PM PDT , Blogger Janelle said...

Just to add my two cents to the debate:

In my Social Psychology (yes, psychology, which I usually take with a grain of salt, but this is interesting) class last year, we talked about the different thinking patterns in men and women. To sum it up, what the professor claimed was that men are really good at focusing on one thing at a time (if something is going badly in one aspect of their lives, it generally doesn't affect the other aspects). For example, men are more likely to leave problems at work, at work, and not have it carry over into their family life.

On the other side, women are better at making connections (and quite literally, too, for the physical make-up of the female brain connects the two hemispheres better). In general, women are better at seeing the "big picture." However, this has its downside, too. Back to my work example, if there is a problem at work, a woman is more likely to go home and complain to her family about the situation. Women can't generally compartmentalize their lives like men can.

Again, these are generalizations, and there are always exceptions, but that seems to be how I remember the information presented in the class. Personally, I think this just shows another way God made men and women as compliments to each other :-)

At 3:23 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I like how Emily's blogs always brew comments that are barely pertaining to Emily's original blog lol. I guess I'm just going by what I see in my personal life too, cuz all (and I can almost say ALL) the girls I slightly know are very much smarter than all the guys I know in ways other than just "intellectual power". I'm not afraid to admit it, means nothing to me, cuz I can lift more than girls :p There I had to throw Emily off and dangle in a weight lifting remark.

Basically if you put me side by side a girl and ask us to debate something, I will get slaughtered. Oh and usually my statements are blunt, but hey that leaves more for people to think about and less for me to work at.

At 8:47 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Right, I know we are not saying that all girls are smarter than guys, nor all guys are smarter than girls, I think it has to do with the groups you hang out with. I know more guys who are very creative and smart than I know women. But than again I know more guys than women anyway.

As what was said about multitasking, it is quite obvious that it comes easier to women than men. I spent years (and still spend time) practicing multitasking so that now I can actually process two things at once, but than I look at my mom and sister and they are doing that just by themselves.

As for intelligence in conversation, I feel I hang out more with the geek crowd so my conversations tend to be very intellectual. I have a lot of girls call me a geek and say that the convo is way over their head, but hardly any guys do that. When it comes to conversations that have importance, it is very hard for me to have a girl talk about that with me. It's either movies, clothes, or some other worthless thing.

Again that's just my circle (mostly from my church) in Washington State. Your guys' circles might be different.

Yes Jeff, I agree, Emily's posts do get way off subject, but the off subjects are always fun :D

At 1:26 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...


At 9:18 PM PST , Anonymous Ben said...

HEY!!! Girls are not on average smarter than guys. At least not this guy. Girl talk is a lot cooler than guy talk though. I like chillin' with girls. After a while of hangin' with guys it kinda gets like, "Dude...I don't wanna talk about how powerful your airsoft gun is." And we do not talk about one of those three things, Emily. I have a cornucopia of topics like 1. I failed my test, 2. It sucks when my room is messy, 3. They never show old school cartoons in TV anymore, 4. Equilibrium is a lot like the Matrix, 5. Do you guys talk down about me behind my back, 6. The Mr. Darcy from the new Pride and Prejudice is alot cooler than the Mr, Darcy from the old Pride and Prejudice, 7. My kitchen knife is really dull, 8. Knowing Spanish will be very helpful, 9. Am I seriously the only one who likes Modest Mouse, 10. Randomness=good, 11. How we need to get more youths to go evangelizing on Friday nights, 12. And how I could keep going...and going...and going...

At 10:04 PM PST , Blogger Caleb said...

Ben, maybe you just don't hang around with the right group of guys.

There are shallow people with shallow conversations on both genders.

At 3:11 AM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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