Friday, August 15, 2008

Next day!

So I hardly ever post the day after my last post. It usually seems like a waste. But here I am anyways.

So last night's dinner with Maribel went pretty well! Between Mommy and Daddy, I think she really got the gospel. I don't think she was really ready to accept it and let it penetrate, but she said she'd read the Bible verses my mom gave her as they left. But what a sweet family they are! Her mom doesn't speak any English, but her sweetness and motherly kindness showed in her face. She said to my dad a few times (translated by Maribel) that he has a very beautiful family. :) That was nice of her. Maribel also has a son named Kevin. He's eight and pretty sharp! He holds his own in a conversation pretty well (although he frequently inserts comments about Legos and Spongebob).

But guess what: Maribel thought I was 13. You all know how much that kind of thing bothers me. But hey; I've decided to not let that bug me so much. What I need to realize is this: whenever I hate the way I look, obsess over looking older, or compare myself to pretty girls, I'm basically pointing my finger at God and saying, "You didn't make me right! Why can't I be beautiful?" That is just pure sin and selfishness. So call me on it if I ever complain about that again.

I saw Megan's freshly painted room today. Very cool! It's chocolately brown and stuff. So Michelle and I chilled over there all day. We went to Macy's and guess what: Tyler was working! So we talked to him for a little on his break. I also tried a new eyeshadow at the makeup counters (yes boring to hear about). But it was really really REALLY bright blue. Kind of cool and weird.

So then the Nodurfts picked me up back at Megan's house and drove me to my house; they were coming out here anyways to have dinner with us. Daddy grilled steak. Nicey-nice! (I think people think I'm a total dork when I say that, but whatever)

And now the Nodurfts have gone home and I'm posting here at 10:45 posting. Anything else I need to talk about...hmmmm...don't think so. I think tomorrow will be uneventful. Oh, I almost forgot! I checked the bowling alley fees and there's a discount if we go between 3:00-6:00 on a weekday. So I'm thinking Monday or Tuesday? Gimme feedback.

I think I use a lot of run-on sentences and fragments in my blog posts. Never was a grammar fiend. :P

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At 6:40 AM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Nicey-nice is what the trolls say when they obtain the boombox and listen to that "night fever" song lol. I love it when they get angry and chuck it in the river!! Them trolls be stupid :D

Oh btw, you need not compare yourself to "pretty girls" cuz beauty is an individual opinion, or in the eye of the beholder (regardless of dumb song titles), and mass society has it way messed up. I have to wonder if people are just being blind or something sometimes when they say yer 13.. cmon, seriously, yer not 13.

At 12:36 AM PDT , Anonymous caitlin said...

You don't look 13! I think you look about (sorrysorrysorry) 15. Or 16. Or 17. Blue eyeshadow is awesome. And so is the phrase "Nicey-nice!".

At 8:43 PM PST , Anonymous Ben said...

Hey! It kinda annoys me when people ridicule others for liking/saying/doing/listening to dorky or random things. Pretty much as long as you're not sinning against anyone, like/say/do/listen to what ever you like.

Also, God made us in his image and therefore perfect and therefore beautiful. And I don't wanna say anything that will have everyone at my throat, but girls look fine without make up.


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