Sunday, September 07, 2008

"There's a party in my tummy"--UGH GO AWAY

So last night at Danna's party was really really fun. We had this AWESOME water balloon fight in the huge greenspace behind their house, and I think I got the wettest. lol yeah my hair, clothes, and glasses were so drenched. But I got some other people almost as wet as they deserve. :) Jordan Parks arrived late, so he was completely dry after the Sam picked him up and held him in the air while Jordan Varela and Charlie shot him with a Super Soaker!!! Good times.
Pastor taught a devotional from Ecclesiastes, which was really good. I sort of like the smaller teaching times; they're more personal and, idk, I just think it's easier to focus on what he's saying when it's in such a small, direct, audience.
We had a water-chugging contest: three rounds. I participated in all three, but UGH it hurt after the last one. Of course nobody beat Sam; that guy is Superman at everything!!!
I spent the night at Megan's house afterwards. We went to be pretty early, but that was because we had to get up at (ew) 6:30 this morning. Bleh. But of course it wasn't all bad, since we were going to church and all. But, just to be safe, Megsie and I didn't sit in the peanut gallery this conspicuous if somebody falls asleep. lol but I don't think either of us did anyways. Michelle, on the other hand....
When I took nursery shift in the afternoon for GBI, I realized something: I love kids, like a ton. But I'm not very good when there's a crisis. I'm either afraid that if I don't do anything, they'll think that kiddish shenanigans are ok. But if I send them in to their parents or something, I'll be perceived as inept or harsh. So I found myself asking MIKHAILA of all people, "What should I do about this?" And Mikhaila's great and all that, very mature for her age, but she's only thirteen. Not the wisest person in general.
Pray for ministerium on Tuesday. Pastor's going to bring rebuke to the fellow pastors about Dr. Schumaker. I know a few of the pastors in our district, and I love them dearly as brothers and mentors in the faith. I hope they have open ears to this.

I want and don't want to grow up....

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At 7:12 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Sounds like you had a jammin time at that party. I probly wouldn't have fit in very well anyway. But I agree that the smaller Bible studies pwn the huge massive ones, cuz things are better when they're more personal. You get to know people better, you get to soak up the info better, and it just seems like a more genuine, true time with friends. Yea what is with Sam LOL?? He's like a walking tank with arms. I say that in the loving way.

Why'd you have to get up at 6:30? That's redikaloo early. Nice name fer the kids-who-rebel-against-normal-seats section.

You love kids? That's good.

Better hold on to the times while you can. Time knows not subtraction.

At 5:55 AM PDT , Blogger Janelle said...

We should trade places! You can be the "grown up," and I'll be 17 again :-D

At 5:49 PM PDT , Blogger emily...♫ said...

"Time knows not subtraction." Very profound! no seriously that's going in my forum signature.

At 6:34 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Thief!! :p

At 6:35 PM PDT , Blogger Megan said...

hey c'mon you can share Jeff, lol you should be proud that she is using your wise, profound saying. haha

At 7:17 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Do I know how to share..? :P lo..l.

At 3:14 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Wasn't sure if I wanted to read this post after seeing the title, but after I saw it didn't have the dumb label I went ahead :D

I've never heard of water chugging, it's always been mt dew, dr pepper, or coke...

Hey don't complain about getting up at 6:30, I'll be needing to get up by 6 this whole fall quarter :'(

Who in their right mind doesn't like kids? The only thing I don't like about kids is when they won't stop hugging you.

Oh btw I like your new name, blatherskite. Very descriptive :-)


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