Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night, I decided to try an experiment. A full 24 hours, midnight to midnight, with no eating. Sooo this morning I skipped breakfast. Not so hard. I'm also trying to drink lots of water (nothing else allowed). I don't like water very much.
So about noon (45 minutes ago) I started to really want food. But I will stick with it! No matter how hungry I get, I won't eat ANYTHING till tomorrow. Ugh this is hard...but I figured blogging might help. Complaining takes my mind off my tummy. :'(
I felt sort of out-of-place at church last night. Idk, it just seemed like whatever group I was in, I was the odd one out. *sigh* It happens to everybody I guess.
Mom's stopping at the movie store today, and I'm hoping she rents me Father of the Bride. Anything with Steve Martin and Martin Short has gotta be a winner. :D And it'll be another thing to keep me off the snacks.
Campout is in EIGHT days! That's awesome! I'm going to have so much fun at the mess hall, the gym, the docks, Strawberry Island, the hike, Vengeance Creek, the foosball room, the chapel, and everywhere else I go. :) Hey did you know that Calvin is bringing Eric to campout? That might be fun.
Well, I'm on my third glass of water. It's not fillin' me up. X'(

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At 2:17 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

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At 2:31 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Odd one out? I know. And along with that, everyone seems to have their own.. interests.. in someone else so everyone's paired up. Can anyone say 5th wheel? Or 7th wheel? Or any odd wheel. I'll be a unicycle :p

At 3:57 PM PDT , Blogger emily said...

Yeaaah that's pretty much how I was feeling. Um btw, I can't stand this not eating thing. I gotta eat something!!!! *sigh* I fail. But failure never tasted so good.

At 4:27 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Yer eating something!!? QUIT IT!! The human body can go something like 20 or 30 or some odd days without food, take it to the max, Emily!

There needs to be more wheels..

At 5:17 PM PDT , Blogger Daniel said...

You should fast for a entire week.

At 9:44 PM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

I think you should try to go from now to campout without eating. Than the food will just taste so much better at the campout.

So what is the reason behind your going a day without eating? Just to say you could?

We are having a hike at campout this year? I thought I heard we weren't...

And Jeff with everyone being pared up, I can hardly believe that you are the only single person at church. Heck you could just hang out with Emily ;-P

At 10:57 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I'm not the only single person at church, I don't think, but the other singles are mostly guys.. or non approachable. So many things are easier said than done.

But yea Caleb, I heard there are hikes, too, even tho I've never been. It seems like motivation enough just for a chance to be attacked by black bears :p

At 10:05 AM PDT , Blogger Janelle said...

I had to not eat for 24 hours when I had to go to the doctor for problems with my stomach. I don't recommend doing it unless you HAVE to :-)

At 11:53 AM PDT , Blogger Caleb said...

Jeff the church must of changed a lot since the last time I was there. As to most of the other singles being guys, you should feel right at home.

Yeah, in previous years my family (well my dad) has been pretty involved with planning and doing the hikes. But we weren't there last year (idk what you guys did) and I thought I heard there wasn't going to be one this year since the short hikes were always quite long.

I've actually gone a whole day without eating before. I didn't eat breakfast (I never do) and I forgot about lunch, and I got grounded from dinner... Emily hopefully you have a better reason for not eating.

At 3:25 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Matter of opinion it seems.

Well I hope yer wrong about campout Caleb, cuz I want to hike!

At 6:58 PM PDT , Anonymous Betsy said...

wow.have fun with that one.=)

I know what you mean.You can be with all sorts of friends or people you know and still feel odd.I get that.


At 9:51 PM PDT , Blogger Megan said...

who is Fronk?

At 10:29 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

Feeling odd is unnecessarily odd.
Fronk makes me think of (even tho it's not it) "honk for Fonk, when you drive by Vern Fonk!" and the guy in the commercial says "log on to the intermet!" (pronounced with an m on purpose lol). Makes me giggle. Or their newest one where they spoof Back to the Future and have the guy ran over haha.

At 4:13 PM PDT , Blogger Megan said...

I am really confused now... what is Fronk or Fonk or whatever it is??

At 4:26 PM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...

I'm confused.. by yer confusion eh hehhhhh. Maybe Fronk is something from that weird "Polyvore" website some of these people keep talking about?:/?? No idea. But Fonk is just a little tiny worthless insurance company in Portland.

At 9:09 PM PDT , Anonymous Betsy said...

I am from polyvore,yes,but Fronk is a character from father of the bride(the movie aforementioned in the post)

At 12:06 AM PDT , Blogger Jeff said...



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