Friday, January 16, 2009

Today I finally got back into my library work. They put me on light duty because Kathy, the volunteer coordinator, is super afraid of me breaking my stitches. So I sat and stamped WITHDRAWN on books for two hours. Nothing special in that, but I got to meet a lady named Jeanne (pronounced Jeanie). I almost got to share the gospel with her. We started talking about church, since I mentioned that I go. I asked if she goes to church, and she said no. I asked if she believes in God, and she said yes. Seemed like an open door, right? Well, as soon as I decided to take the conversation beyond that, she sort of--politely--shut it down with a "yeah" and bent closely over her work. :( She was really nice, though, and I was glad to have met her. Maybe someday I'll be able to seriously talk to her about God.

Kathy (aforementioned coordinator) has invited me to be in a meeting which will help give directional ideas to the whole county's library programs! She looked at the types of demographics they want, and noticed homeschooler on the list. So now I get to go to a meeting and discuss what the future of the library should be in our area! Who knows how much I'll be able to contribute, but it's exciting nonetheless. And she told me that it can go on my resume. X)

Only one more LotR installment, and then we're done. I'm quite prepared to keep a box of Kleenex nearby for the more emotional moments. Both :'( and :'). RotK was the first movie that made me :'). I wonder if the other three watching with me will get teary....

I'm reading The Pilgrim's Progress. What a wonderful book! The theology is much deeper than I imagined it to be. And even though it was written hundreds of years ago, the parallels to the Christian life is absolutely relevant and precise.

In my entire brain, there are probably millions of thoughts bumping around. The hard part is deciding which ones to pull out and analyze for all to see...maybe I'll pull a Jeff and be secretive whilst telling people I'm being secretive. ;)

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At 5:47 AM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Yer probly super buff at sharing the gospel with people cuz yer debating skills are redikalous! The worldlies try to argue with you and you slam them and make then go BOOSHHH (yer choice of shotgun blast or swimming pool tidal wave). But seriously, ugh, it seems like the far majority of gospel attempts are either denied or not even received.

This is not good: Emily in a position of power lol. *runs quickly*

RotK is so good, I know! I watched it with a friend once and I cried, but my friend was sleeping so I was safe from man pressure.

Now now, cerially, cmon. You can't pull a Jeff cuz yer not Jeff oh hoho. Throwing thoughts to yer friends of choice may be nice, but online maybe noh. Analyzing can be fun tho >.> unless well, it turns out not to be.

At 6:01 AM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

Oh, btw: yer about me.


I've tried that before lol *giggles* :p

At 12:34 AM PST , Blogger emily...♫ said...

Eh, no...I actually get pretty scared when confronted with a situation in which is a gospel opportunity. :/

*rubs hands together* hehe you better believe it...BOOOOOOKS.

Yeah, I was the wuss today. Could you hear my pathetic sniffling? LOL

My About Me...hmmm well, then maybe I should change it. I just don't know what to say. :(

At 4:11 AM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

You dodged some of it. Maybe.. that's best.


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