Saturday, February 28, 2009

Okay. My mind is both full and empty. I have so much to say, but nothing to write. Does that make sense? I have asked that question often for the past day or so, both to others--or other singular, if you want to be technical--and myself. The answer is usually "..............kinda." And that is what I answer myself as well. A little post on the internet isn't really the best place to start it all up again.

Mom and Dad are having coffee with the Jones family. Lily is reading Inkdeath. The whole house is dark. Well, except for that light in the kitchen. Maybe I should do something. I guess I'll go pick out my clothes for tomorrow? Booooring but I have to do it some time anyways.


At 11:13 PM PST , Blogger Jeff said...

It's your decision. So far, however, the only things I think the internet is good for is music and paying bills.

At 10:53 AM PST , Blogger Megan said...

Hey Em I am gonna be at your house tonight! yay for me! So hey I'm gonna go to Nan's to try on dresses with mom before we do Permapost and if I find one I'll bring to show you k?


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