Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lily likes Sour Sixteen

Today was Valentine's Day. But more importantly, it was Lily's birthday party! We went to the ice rink, which was surprisingly un-packed. I am not by any means good at ice skating, but I still had fun. And I didn't fall down, so that's something! Afterwards we went to Megan's house for some ice cream and Bill's presents. The Loynes family and I all pitched in and got Lily a very nice airsoft gun, which she definitely liked. Perfect timing too: Loyneses are having an airsoft war pretty soon. Even if I have to borrow one, I am going to be there. Airsoft is amazingly fun, even for someone with no shooting skills like me. So now Lily is 16, and I'm 18. Is anyone else seriously freaked out by that fact?

This makes my fourth post in a row that is ridiculously short. I'll get back into normal posting soon.

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At 1:18 PM PST , Anonymous Ben said...

Was I the only one that didn't get wished a happy Valentine's Day until two days later? :'','',,',(

At 7:09 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day later


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