Friday, April 28, 2006

i found this cool thing! have you heard of johari? here's my johari page:
make your own when you're there!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

woo-woo! i'm having a sleepover soon!!!!! we're gonna watch sense & sensibility!!!!!! definitely one of my fave movies. if you like jane austen, check out the jane austen fan blog! two of my friends and i are gonna start putting reading schedules, movie reviews, and stuff on it, and it's all about jane austen's works! but anyway, this sleepover is gonna be so sweet. we've been planning it for, like, forever! what should we eat? i'm thinkin' maybe good old pizza, but i'm not sure. i'm writing a story!!!! whenever i finish a chapter, i'll publish it on here. well, that's it. ciao!

Monday, April 17, 2006

hi! this is my new blog, my fresh, brand new, right out of the box, just-for-fun blog! now, don't get me wrong, i'm not abandoning my other one, i'm just making a separate one for a different subject. on here, i'm gonna include poems, recipes, party ideas, anything that pops into my head. the other one will be for theological topics. so don't forget about my other one, cause that one's more important anyway.

today i wrote a poem. i haven't named it, any suggestions?

a kind action or a word
may be thanked, if seen or heard

but if in the flesh the deed is done,
is there blessing? there is none.

but if in the Spirit, if in His ways
it is an action that gives God praise.

it blesses the heart of the one for whom
you break through the clouds and lift the gloom.

it blesses God, to see His child
walking in truth, undifiled.

and if holiness is what you are being lead toward
it blesses your brother and pleases the Lord.

well, what do you think? i like it, which is actually rare for me. sometimes i write poems, and i give them to a friend for 'grading' (as he calls it), and he usually gives me an A. i mean, duh, i always know what he's gonna grade it as, cause he's totally rotten at writing poetry, and anything else he sees looks star-quality to him. but anyway i'm getting off subject. the point is that i usually am totally convinced that it's junk, even when everyone else thinks it's wonderful. but, hey, i like this one.

shout out! hi to bek, ash, fishy, megsie, and danna! ash, are you on the planet?!? you don't return any of my emails!!!!! hi, chris. okay, i'm off to go check my other blog, bye!!!!