Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It seems to me that I haven't had much to say, so I haven't been posting much lately. This is mostly because my life has been very interesting to me, but not interesting to people who live halfway across the country and don't know any of my friends.

I've been spending most of my online time at where my good friend Sheepy (ahem, Caleb) has created a forum for friends and friends of friends. If anybody wants to go join, we'd love to have you! It's actually really cool, but it takes sort of a long time to load from page to page, even with my broadband. If you want to know who I am, look up technochocolate. You could've guessed that anyway.

Last night Robbie and his family came over for dinner! That was cool because it shows that my parents aren't totally against me and him being, well, just that: me AND him. Do you get what I'm saying? But it's hard for me to try to keep things mostly just friends for a couple more years, until we're old enough to think seriously about our future. And that's what I'm afraid of. What if his feelings change by then? That would be the most heartbreaking thing. What if staying here doesn't mean very much to him, and he moves back to Florida? I gotta stop with these What Ifs. "Tomorrow will worry about its own things." That's somewhere in Proverbs, isn't it?

So I doubt I'll be posting on here very often anymore, what with all the other things preocuppying(sp?) my time. But I'm not dead!

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