Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend makes for very good times

So this weekend I had fun. On Saturday, we went to Blue Moon for breakfast with Aunt Lori, Mrs. Parks, and Michelle. Michelle and I completely BORED Lily to tears with talk about lots of girly stuff.
After a lovely breakfast of salsa omelette and hash browns, we stole Michelle and went to a camping/hanging out...sort of place for the afternoon. The Loynes' were there, but Megan was working so basically it was me and Bichelle with much more mah-velous GIRL talk. Lots and lots. We also waded in the creek and I found a heart-shaped rock! It's in my room now. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.
So when it was time to take Michelle home, we finagled to let me spend the night at her house, which is ALWAYS so much fun!!! We went over to their friends' house for a barbecue. I had a blast because the two little kids there have tons of wicked awesome Star Wars stuff. They actually had a classic Lando action figure with his original Jabba's palace helmet! So basically the evening was Parker and Noah (the two kids) showing me all their cool Star Wars stuff, while Michelle and Jordan made fun of me and called me a geek. Good times...
So Marinda brought her car, and she took Shelly and I to Hollywood Video. We rented a movie and Michelle bought four.
Then we went back to her house and watched Much Ado about Nothing, my favorite Shakespeare play! Michelle and Jordan went downstairs and watched The Pink Panther...I guess they can't handle Benedick's witty contemplations or Hero's tragic misfortune. But I loooooved it!!! Beatrice is my favorite character, and it's a rare thing when my favorite person in a movie is a girl.
So the next day was church obviously. Yeah and we did Communion cooking too. Not much to report there, except that I think we did it in record time! We even had time to rush over to Macy's and try on some crazy cool outfits! It was really fun, my girlfriends are so purty-ful in fancy dresses. (I looked rather out of place in a formal gown, lol)
Sooooo then there was Communion, a beautiful time of course. Except for Megan's "soft feet" comment! haha!
Robyn's coming over for lunch, so I gots to get working on that. Oh geez she'll be here in half an hour. Crap I'm gonna be so rushed!!!! Gotta go!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Time to Tell the World...

...that today is sunny! Yee-ha. Yesterday I vacuumed the car. Double yee-ha! I also watched Alice in Wonderland. Not the Disney cartoon...but the WAY better live action one. I think it was actually made for TV by Hallmark, but it's BAZOOOKA GREAT! If anybody's seen Napoleon Dynamite, you know the girl who plays Deb? She played Alice in this version when she was younger. I ♥ it.

Last Tuesday I had chicken adobo at the Tuesday Market, and now I'm addicted. It's a Filipino dish of really tender seasoned chicken over rice. They served me a heaping bowl for $5.50 and I scarfed it faster than anything. I got a recipe off the net and will make it sometime. Maybe some of you fine folks can come to my house and eat it with me! Huzzah!

I have a song stuck in my head. Care to share in my misery? It's Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. Listen to it; you'll love it then hate it because IT NEVER LEAVES. Tony played it on our comp when they came for dinner Sunday. Speaking of which, I like the Varelas. Very very very nice people, and all of them hecka funny. Except it was too bad that Jordan couldn't come. He was at football camp or some such crap.

Here's the question of the day: why do children tattle? In my opinion, there are several possible explanations. What do you think?

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Reading Stirs the Brain!

Yesterday I did a few things. I spread some barkdust, planted some flowers, helped my mommy with the front walkway, and made dinner.
We also watched The Water Horse. Not really my favorite movie...but it was pretty cute.
So tomorrow's the first car wash of the year!!! I'm excited. There's almost always a ton of people that get the gospel, and it's just fun to wash cars and eat food.
I have really nothing to say right now. Uuuuuhhhh today we're going to plant some trees. Yee-ha! Maybe I'll do something interesting later and edit this post then. Bleh.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Great Party

So yesterday we threw a surprise party for Michelle's birthday. Danna and I hid in her closet and jumped out and said, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" (yes, I know, very original) And we had a great time. We went to Wilson River and went inner tubing down the rapids! I fell off and bruised my leg BIG time. That part wasn't so great.

Then we did manicures as we dried off on the rocks above the river. That part was my favorite haha. Then we got a pizza and went back to Shelly's house for dinner and ice cream. Then we called our parents and begged to spend the night; they said yes! So we slept on the trampoline (always fun) and I did some writing on there. Just junk that's been on my mind. Seriously, writing is the best way to figure out if you're being smart. Just write down what you've been thinking about, then look back on it, and if it seems whiny, pointless, or selfish, then adjust your mindset. But if it really reflects your true feelings, and you think that it's legitimate concerns or joys, then dwell on it and learn from it.

Danna asked Michelle how she's doing with God, and I was surprised at how honest Shelly was. She said that she believes with her brain all the stuff in the Bible, but it's hard for her to understand the relationship between sovereignty of God and man's accountability. She told us she doesn't think she's saved, but then she said that she's praying and seeking God over it that He would reveal Himself to her. So that really lifted my spirits!

The next day I woke up at 6:20, went back to sleep, woke up again at 7:00, wrote for a while, got up at 8:00, had a cup of tea, and finally kicked them all awake at 9:00 so I wouldn't be the only one up. They weren't so happy with me. But I was! So we went inside and made "waffles." I put that in parentheses because they were loaded with...oatmeal...and tasted kind of weird. But when we piled on whipped cream and strawberry sauce, they weren't so bad.

Then I looked out the window and saw Jordan reading the stuff I wrote. I have to be honest; my reaction was very bad. I ran outside, screaming at him, "PUT THAT DOWN! DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF! LEAVE MY WRITING ALONE!" and I snatched it out of his hand and stormed back in the house. Later I felt like an awful brat when he came in and apologized. So I said sorry...but I still felt like an idiot. We didn't really talk to each other for a couple hours. I can't believe I still act like a little drama queen sometimes; I'm seventeen years old and I want to grow up a little.

Then as I was starting to feel better, Michelle put in a video of Riverdance. Um. Yeah. Okay, so the first 10 minutes was really awesome. And the rocking out violinist (not even kidding, she was HEADBANGING) was crazy cool. But two hours of Irish tapdancing???? AAAAAAGGGHHHH I about went nuts.

Then Mrs. Parks took me home and took my mom to lunch. That's where they are now, and I'm just sitting here admiring my beautiful bruise from yesterday. Seriously, it's all purple and pink and cool. I like it. All in all, it was a really fun time just chilling with my homefries. I love church family.

So how's life with you guys?☺

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Friday, June 13, 2008

and and and wth

This morning my mom, sister, and I helped Bama set up a tent canopy type thing. She's having a garage sale in a couple weeks. Some of my stuff is going in it, so may be I'll make some MONEH!!! lol probably not; I only put my junk in the garage sale pile hehe.
I made that chocolate cake I mentioned before. It has to refrigerate overnight before it's any good though, so that'll be perfect timing for Megan's party tomorrow! I'm still wearing the apron; I probably should put it away, but it just looks so wicked awesome on me. jk
Daddy's taking me shooting tomorrow.
....................................not sure how I feel about that. Part of me is still kind of scared. But you know what? Matthew 10:29 says, "Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will." God's got everything under control, even my clumsy hands holding a gun.
I'm writing again! I've started scribbling down pieces of a new story. It's tons harder than writing poetry; a fair poem can be written in like, 10 minutes sometimes. My best poems have taken me less than half an hour. A story, especially one I want to expand into possibly a novel, is a long-term project. I don't like long-term projects. But I love books, so I think it's time I exercise my mind a little and make a novel myself.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Wow, the comment discussion really took off last post! I see both sides (even though you guys weren't really arguing, just discussing mostly) and I think maybe I didn't explain very well in my post...
Maybe I did read a little too much into the friendship between those two people, but I don't think so. What I saw was a young, pretty, Christian girl who met a young, handsome, unaved guy for lunch. It could've been innocent. But even so, "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; Who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9) When you put yourself in that kind of position with a nonbeliever, it is very close to the edge.

So today I did a little work around the house...I guess it's too early to have much to say. Yesterday was a nice day, but I didn't get to spend much time outside. Not that church is a bummer!!! I had chili cheese fries from Carl's Jr. for lunch AND dinner by my own choice. I love that stuff!!
I'm rather disappointed because I wanted Lily to make applesauce cookies and she won't. I told her that nobody else will make cookies for the barbecue on Saturday, so she should. She wouldn't listen (as usual). WAAAH so I throw a fit.
I don't think I'm going to get to see Indy in theaters...Daddy keeps making plans on the days I want him to take me. Oh, well, DVDs aren't so bad.
Mommy's at the foot doctor. She really didn't want to go, but Dad, Lily, and I were insistent. I mean, she's been having pain in her foot for like a year! Time to see what's up with that.
I want some really rich ice cream, a Super Pretzel, a romantic comedy I've never seen before (preferably starring George, Johnny, or Will), and some money.
I should try to think of something to get Dad for Father's Day. Is it weird to ask someone what they want? Because he already told me what he wants, but I can't get that for him (it's $800)
I wrote a couple limericks this week. Remind me to post them sometime.
You know what would be fun? Ice skating! Anybody into doing that sometime soon?

Ok well this has been a nice little diversion for me, and a waste of your time. Shame on you! You could've been doing something productive! ;)

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spike on the Chart of Boredom...

Today was a mildly boring day, except for one interesting event. My mom and I were at Freddy's, and went to buy some Starbucks. We got our Starbucks and sat down at the tables with our lunch. I said grace over the meal and prayed for the evangelists downtown. When we said, "Amen," the girl at the next table said "Amen!" with us! She asked what church we go to and told us her church. We invited her to have lunch with us and so she pulled up a chair at our table.
We talked about stuff; it seemed like she was sort of a friendship evangelist type, or maybe she was just speaking vaguely.
A friend of hers arrived and pulled up a chair. Mom gave him some of our lunch, and he joined the convo. It was pretty neat. Only, I think they need prayer; the guy was not a Christian (my mom witnessed to him), and the girl--Brittany was her name--didn't seem to be being too careful about keeping company with a nonbeliever (especially an attractive single guy, that's pretty dangerous ground). So I just hope that she will be stronger in her faith, and he'll come to the truth.

The rest of the day was blah. Dad went shooting, Lily went to see Prince Caspian, and I bought a new purse. Ho-hum...

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Party Time

Today is a joint post! My friend Michelle is here, so she is going to post as well. It'll make things...ineresting? I don't know, we'll see!
So first I will speak. We just finished up my mommy's birthday lunch; it was fun for me. We were going to do karaoke, but none of the karaoke CDs were like, party kind. I mean, hymns are great, but for karaoke? Nah.
Sooooo Megan is going to another interview today. She'll probably GET THE JOB. Sorry. An annoying child is messing with the mouse. And as for me getting a job...well I don't think I want one yet. I don't like the idea of something interfering with my other FUNNER plans. So you guys can work, and then I'll just mooch off you people! ☺
Um um, I can't think of much other interesting stuff. Michelle and I are talking about the past. Quite an inexhaustible subject! It seems like we've been talking about the past for a year and a half, and we never run out of new theories as to what the past means! Life is so mysterious! Ok, now Michelle will speak her mind!

i don't really want to do this but emily is insistent which i can't spell with out emily this key board is impossible! Emily told me to speak my mind so i am, with great pride i act like a complete idiot!!! I'll tell you about me day. I woke up about 9:50 am and read the BIBLE and slept more and ate and got dressed and eavesdropped to my moms and brothers conversation which was boring so then i left home and went to emilys house and now im here on the computer talking to you offense......i thnk a dumb blonde is worse than a nerd....emily told me your guys nerd characteristics which are megan, biology nerd, jeff, tree chopping nerd (what ever that is) and last but not least caleb, the computer nerd.... which emily is... so yup that i've bored yall to death i will leave you till next time i see you.....good bye

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Actual Day

Today I didn't sit around being pointless!!! Here is a fairly exhaustive list of my activities of the day:

I did some cooking. This was basically just doing what Mom tells me to do as she cooks, but it was something.
I vacuumed. Self-explanatory.
I dusted. That was mildly fun because I got to listen to my French CD as I danced around with the duster.
I washed the windows. That was fun at first, because I'd never done it before and I swirled the rag around in time with Will Smith's AWESOME track "Switch." Then my arm got really tired and it wasn't fun anymore. But I finished it and now the windows are pretty clean.☺
I moved some plants around. That was because Bama is feeling pretty benevolent and wants to give Mommy a planter full of plants (well I guess there's nothing else it would be full of), so I put it on the deck.
I hooked up my karaoke machine to the TV, which was surprisingly easy. I just hope that Dad isn't mad when the DVD player doesn't work tonight....
I sang on the karaoke machine to make sure it works. That was fun, except I think I gave a headache to my poor mother and sister. And I'm sure poor Frank Sinatra never wanted his songs to be treated so disgracefully.

Tonight Daddy is taking Lily and me out to buy Mommy a birthday present. I know what I want to get her; the only thing I'm worried about is whether or not the store will have it (and whether or not Mom already has it!)
I've gotten back into writing, and now I'm addicted to my own story. It's a good feeling.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It was a Wednesday

So yesterday and today I laughed myself silly on the Marvel/DC vids from RandomGuy. He's my new hero!!! And Season 2 is up and running with Batman and Iron Man going up against each other. *sigh* Sometimes stuff is just good.
Yesterday we went to The Courtyard, which is a small gift shop with tons of good stuff. My mom bought a TOTAL find! It's an issue of the Saturday Evening Post from 1968! There was this whole article about the music scene going on then, and lots of funny advertisements. I had a ball reading it.
So today I made some cupcakes for the Bereans kids tonight. I, sadly, don't get any. I think I want to make my famous (well, not famous YET) flourless chocolate cake. Everyone I know who's ever had it likes it. I love watching people's eyes get wide and they say, "Wow, this is really good." And then I do my little victory dance. Which is basically just jumping in circles and waving my hands around. What can you expect, I'm a white girl!
Tonight is church, so that's something. These lazy days basically make Wednesdays my favorite day of the week.

I think I am going to let myself like Foreigner again. It's been a long time.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Makin' it quick...

I'm going to smack a rush post onto here because I have chores and crap to do.
Soooo yesterday my aunt came over to visit. This was cool because she lives in California and I hardly ever get to see her; we went to lunch (at Qdoba), had some tasty good stuff at Bella, then rented a movie. Also called Bella, interestingly.
The movie was good; pretty tragic, but really touching and poignant. I definitely recommend it. After that, she had to leave (lots of other relatives to visit), so I watched another movie. Lazy me, yes. After that, Daddy got home and we had dinner...then we watched another movie. Ok, so basically yesterday was a completely lazy day. But fun!
Right now Mom's gone to coffee with friends, and Lily's probably doing chores (like I'm supposed to). I just ate some chocolate and now I'm sitting here in my bathrobe being a lethargic loser. You'd think I'd be more remorseful...☻
I've been reading in the Bible about Solomon. He started off so well, and God was pleased with him. Then he screwed up big time as he got older. Sin is such an awful trap.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008


So yeah church seemed extra cool today. I teared up during the sermon. When Pastor was talking about the disciples question to Jesus--"Who will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven?"--he said that their question should have been, "Do we really get to be in heaven? With God? Me, a vile sinner?" And it just hit me that I, wicked sinner, will be in heaven! With God Almighty! Jesus has taken all my awful, disgusting sins and allowed me to be with Him forever! I couldn't help it. I wept right there.

Lunch tasted good afterwards because we went to Panda Express. And everyone knows that Panda Express tastes better than pretty much any other fast food. I even tried something new today and skipped Orange Chicken!

My cat is sleeping on a pillow next to me. Ok now I picked her up and stuck her on my lap. She's complaining, but not moving away. Cats are pretty cool. It's cloudy outside and that is the one sucky thing I can think of right now. My grandma is shuffling around the house behind me; it's kinda creepy sometimes because she looks a little like a ghost. But at least she's a sweet granny ghost.

I think Mom and Dad are taking naps. Lily's at Mikhaila's house. *gasp* I just heard speaking! That means my Mom is up! She's grumbling. I think she's frustrated because the bathroom door is stuck.

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