Monday, April 21, 2008

Not supposed to be here...hehe

I'm seriously supposed to be in school right now...but I'll just make this post first.

So, uh, here I am, same kid as always. Everything is the same. Robbie comes and goes, Michelle is in deep trouble, Bryan needs some serious butt-kicking but he'll never get it, Megan is my bff, and family is nice I guess. I pretty much stand back and watch other people go through life and all that crap.

The district church conference was great great great!!! Pastor Ray preached a beautiful sermon on prayer from Psalm 119, and I teared up at one point. There was sumo wrestling (you know, where people dress up in those huge vinyl costumes and smash each other), which was HILARIOUS. There was a nice big inflatable slide that I loved! There was food but I didn't eat very much. I met two people, one of them from Canada! She was cool.

Ummmm, let's see, what's interesting. OMG I AM HAVING SERIOUS STAR WARS CRAVINGS. Not even kidding here, I was getting ready for school this morning and I just all of a sudden started wanting to see some serious Hoth battles or something. Yeaaah, Hoth sounds really good right now. *whimper*

I saw Ocean's 13. OH MY GOSH. George Clooney he's just the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. There's a scene where Rusty and Danny are watching gotta see it, it's the sweetest thing ever.

I really should go back to school...

Hey guess what I found in our coat closet?!? On the top shelf...hidden away...I found my old purple newsboy cap and my Happy Bunny sweatshirt!!! I had a good laugh over that one. (for anybody who doesn't know, my parents took away my hat about 5 years ago. I always assumed they got rid of it, but it's been in the closet the whole time! Same story with the sweater about 3 or four years ago.) So I stuck my infamous gray dress up there, and sometime I'm going to wear them all at once and completely scare my dad. Probably on my 18th birthday when he publishes the princess picture...

Next movie everyone HAS to see: Life is Beautiful. Just make sure you get it with English dubbing (unless you know Italian). It's a really great movie that I know you will love.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Watch this Movie

Yes, yes, I know that my last post was about a movie. But you know me, I love 'em.
So I've been compiling a list of movies I think everyone should watch. They're almost all clean, because I don't watch raunchy stuff. Soooo here's the first one. I want everyone reading this to go out and rent...

The Lion King.

A kids movie? Yes. A cartoon? Yes! A classic Disney film that completely captures the essence of what we want from an all-ages film? Yes, yes, yes! If you've never seen it, don't knock it till you watch it. The songs are beautiful (written by Tim Rice and Elton John), the story is compelling, the animation is expressive, and the characters are sublime.

If I remember, I shall post a new movie next week.

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